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Why Skills Testing is Critical in Healthcare Hiring

Finding and retaining qualified clinicians and support staff is one of the biggest challenges in the Healthcare field.

Working in Healthcare ranks consistently among the most stressful of all jobs. Studies show that 8% of staff members show signs of burnout and 1 in 6 consider leaving the profession altogether. That means you are always looking for new people to join your team.

Using Healthcare pre-employment skills tests, you can know, in advance of hiring, whether candidates are equipped with the skills you need to do the job effectively.



Top Healthcare pre-employment skills test include:

  • nursing skills tests

  • CNA skills tests

  • home health aide skills tests

  • HIPAA knowledge tests

  • medical administrative skills tests

  • medical billing tests

It’s not just about finding enough candidates, but it is also about making sure they can successfully perform the roles for which they are hired.

That’s why the best healthcare organizations are using skills testing for pre-hire fit, and training purposes.

Download this Why Pre-Employment Skills Testing is Critical in Healthcare Hiring Executive Report to learn how you can increase your success hiring the best clinical and support staff.

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