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A Tale of Two Applicants: Making the Right Choice Easier

When you’re hiring for an important position, it’s hard to see beyond the resumes to the real people behind them. Your position requires specific hard skills and abilities, as well as the personality, demeanor, and other soft skills that will ensure that your new hire fits in well with your corporate culture. How can you know which candidate will be the best choice?

This white paper looks at two candidates in depth, to highlight how hard skills testing together with behavioral assessments can give you the kind of 360-degree view of a candidate that will accurately predict his or her success in the job. eSkill is partnering with Outmatch to provide a one-stop approach to applicant assessment that combines our expertise in hard skills testing with the soft skills predictive analytics Outmatch excels in.

Together, these combined assessments let you:

  • Measure hard and soft skills accurately and precisely.

  • Provide hard data on applicant skills, from Data Entry to Web Development.

  • Measure core competencies as well as personality traits.

  • Accurately determine whether a candidate is the best possible choice for the position, before you hire.

Interviews alone really can’t give you the kind of overview that comprehensive testing of both hard skills and soft skills, like personality and demeanor, can. Our partnership allows you to measure both of these areas in unprecedented breadth and depth, as clearly marked steps within the Outmatch candidate dashboard. Download this white paper to learn more about how you can hire the best candidate every time.

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