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How to Hire for Hard-to-Find Skillsets and Combat Talent Shortage

There’s a definite talent shortage out there. While there are more applicants than positions for them to fill, most of those candidates aren’t ideal fits. Shortages of both critical hard skills and soft skills in the labor pool certainly impact all employers, but especially those looking to hire for highly-specialized positions. The question remains as to how these employers can build a recruitment strategy to combat the hiring skills gap.

This new white paper from iCIMS and eSkill presents five tips to properly assess and hire for hard-to-find skillsets, combat the talent shortage and build a healthy recruitment strategy.

Download this whitepaper and find out how to overcome talent shortage:

  • Assess for a culture-fit

  • Create a level playing field

  • Strategically unify recruitment tools

At eSkill, we know that when it comes to figuring out the right skills from resumes, applicants often sell themselves short by failing to paint a comprehensive picture of their demonstrable work experiences and abilities – most notably, their hard skills. These are the most hard-to-find skillsets.

We want to provide you with a comprehensive look at what’s out there, regarding testing hard skills, so that you can find qualified candidates as early as possible in the recruiting process. Download the white paper to learn more about the five tips to properly assess and hire for hard-to-find skillsets.

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