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Anatomy of an Interview

The interview stage is the MOST crucial part of the hiring process. It’s the moment when both you and the applicant put forth your best qualities in hopes of a perfect match. It’s also a loaded moment, and stress can affect the outcome of an interview.

Good interview practices can save you from the stress of finding the best candidate for the job. Pre-employment testing solutions can help streamline the process and provide the tools so you can take full advantage of the interview stage.

Find out more about good interview practices, like:

  • Letting the candidate know what to expect during the interview.

  • Outlining the specifics of the job requirements.

  • Asking standard questions to set an objective evaluation scale.

  • Going over the candidate’s pre-employment test results.

  • Keeping clear notes with specific information.

Being fully prepared for an interview will make all the difference. A structured interview will flow better and help you and the candidate feel more at ease.

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