Employee Development

Employee Development

Employee skill development has never been more important than it is today, when new technologies inspire constant changes that require adaptations.

At eSkill, we’re on top of the challenge, with up-to-date content in a wide range of fields, to help get your staff up to speed and keep them at the highest knowledge levels.

Our standard and custom assessments support training across a wide set of skill areas, and with options that provide for multiple versions of a test, multimedia support, and extensive reporting, we make testing easy.

Assessing Training Needs

Projects inside the company, such as adopting new software or changes in specific occupations may require training at the group or individual level.

  • Screen your employees to figure out who among them needs training.

  • Use different level questions from beginner to expert in order to determine specific training needs for each individual.

Skills Gap Analysis

Determining where the gaps are in your employees’ skills can help optimize organizational growth.

  • First, identify the skills needed in the relevant positions, and rank them in terms of the level required (from low to expert).

  • Next, determine the current skill levels held by your employees in each area through assessments that measure the required abilities.

  • Then, use results-by-topic and results-by-question reports to compare the skill requirements with actual knowledge, to see clearly exactly where the gaps are.


For each occupation you wish to benchmark, list the key skill areas and levels to be covered.

  • Create custom assessments for specific jobs, and administer them to your highest-performing employees.

  • Have the rest of the employees take the same tests, and compare their results with the high scoring ones.

  • Use the resulting reports as a blueprint for designing your training program.

Employee Appraisals

Skill assessments are a necessary step in your ongoing employee appraisal process, to develop your staff.

  • eSkill can help you determine which employees have the skills to move up to a management position, for example, by testing the required soft skills, such as communication, leadership, management, and organizational skills.

  • Use the data from appraisal assessments to chart growth and support qualitative reviews.

  • Set specific improvement goals across different skill areas, to be tested again at regular intervals.

Employee Certification

If your company provides specific training sessions in certain fields of activity, you can use the eSkill Editor to create assessments to test the level of information absorbed, and reward the highest-ranking ones with certifications.

  • Use eSkill’s Reports feature to track individual performance across the curriculum.

Whatever your training goals may be, eSkill provides the tools and flexibility to help you meet them.