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For companies in the transportation and logistics industry, it has long been understood that there is a shortage of drivers in the United States. Since 2005, the country has been facing a massive shortfall in the number of truck drivers, according to the American Trucking Association. With the complications presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, the crisis is not likely to improve any time soon.

Meanwhile, the industry itself continues to grow, adding more and more jobs to an already stressed employment situation. This puts further pressure on companies to find the right candidate for their open positions. But how can you know who will be the right fit?

Thanks to eSkill’s Talent Assessment PlatformTM, you can use Skills Tests to easily identify any skills or knowledge gaps in your potential employees. With a library of over 800 standard tests organized by subject and job category, you will enjoy a wide range of skills assessment testing such as Delivery Driver, Forklift Operator, and Logistics Manager that meet your needs. And if you do not find the test you need, you can create your own skills tests using material from existing content and incorporating original material you create.

When you make skills testing a fundamental part of your human resources (HR) process, you will find that you end up saving not only time but money as well. Let us look at some of the ways skills tests can help you to find the right person to fill your open position fast.

How Skills Tests Save You Time

When it comes to hiring, the longer your position remains vacant, the more money your search is likely to cost. While you are not spending money on wages or benefits, the lost productivity can leave you with a net loss, which is why reducing the time-to-hire is a common goal among all HR departments.

eSkill’s testing platform integrates smoothly into applicant tracking systems (ATS), making it extremely easy to add testing to your hiring process. With pre-employment assessments, you will receive a quantified measurement of employee skills, which makes it much easier to compare individual candidates for roles.

Traditionally, most HR departments have relied on resumes for this information. However, according to a 2017 survey, nearly 85% of people admit to lying on their resumes or applications, making them at best unreliable, and at worst, blatantly misleading.

Instead, skills testing eliminates this bias, thereby making it much faster to compare candidates. This also saves you the painstaking time of going through endless resumes, since you will only need to look at the individuals whose skills align with the position. You will also save time on contacting references. Finally, with fewer applicants making it into the later stages of the interview process, you will spend less time talking to poorly qualified candidates, which can be a significant drain on time.

Skills Assessment Tests Can Save You Money Too

Open positions cost you money, so filling those positions is the first step toward savings. However, saving money on your hiring process is about more than just putting someone in the position. With skills testing, you can make sure that you get the right person in the role. This is important, as a bad hire can end up costing you an astronomical amount of money.

While skills assessment tests help you find the best possible candidates for your open position, they can also speed up the process dramatically. What is often overlooked in a candidate search is the fact that time is money: The more time you spend searching for a candidate, the more resources you are committing to the search, which leaves less available for other parts of your business.

Finally, on a practical level, skills tests remove the implicit biases that can crop up during the hiring process. While this bias is not intentional, it is very real, and if a candidate feels they have been discriminated against for any reason, they can attempt legal action. Even if the claim is baseless, these actions cost you money, and the quantifiable data produced by skills tests can help to limit your liability.

Skills Testing and Retention

One of the most important reasons to consider skills testing when hiring drivers is employee retention. The best way to save time and money on the hiring process is to limit the number of hires you need to make, and that involves improving your retention efforts — which starts before you hire someone.

Studies show that skills assessment testing can significantly increase retention by creating better matches between candidates and companies. Candidates who were tested pre-hire were 23% more likely to still be with the company after a year. When you want to make it more likely that your drivers will still be on the road and working for you in years to come, invest in skills testing.

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