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Hiring people for jobs in the information technology industry is more critical than ever — and also getting harder. Demand is surging for workers with advanced digital skills, as more companies seek to protect vast amounts of data and develop data analytics, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and other emerging business tools.

In September, the U.S. unemployment rate dropped to 3.5%, the lowest figure since 1969, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics. The unemployment rate is even lower for tech workers, estimated at an astounding 1.5% in August, according to an analysis of the latest Labor Department jobs data.

If companies want to secure the best talent, they must start by assessing their current hiring strategy from start to finish. They must close any gaps to eliminate candidates without the necessary skills. In today’s tight hiring landscape, industry leaders are moving towards evaluating abilities as the primary qualifier for employment rather than education credentials. This practice is making it easier for businesses to find the tech talent they so desperately need.

eSkill’s pre-employment assessments enable companies to easily evaluate candidates’ IT skills. Automate your tech hiring process quickly and reliably using eSkill’s vast library of IT skills tests.

Here is a look at five reasons IT skills tests will transform your company’s hiring success:

  1. Retire Degree Requirements for More Accurate Measures

Earlier this year, IBM CEO Ginni Rometty told an audience at the World Economic Forum that technology firms should focus on hiring individuals with the right skills, whether or not they possess a college or graduate degree. According to Rometty, this is not a new philosophy for IBM. Back in 2016, between 10-15 percent of IBM’s new hires did not have college degrees. Many of those non-degreed tech pros work for the company’s cloud-computing division.

In today’s exceptionally tight labor market, using a four-year degree as a proxy for employability is not sustainable. eSkill automates the process of administering basic computer and IT skills tests, allowing companies to easily identify candidates who possess the needed skills to excel in any position. With eSkill’s expansive library of customizable IT skills tests, it is easy to evaluate any required technical skill from programming to software debugging, computer forensics, networking, and understanding of operating systems. Hiring based on skillset, instead of degree, deepens the incredibly shallow tech talent pool.

  1. Achieve Diversity Through Fair Assessment

A recent survey by CNBC found that over half of the companies on the CNBC Technology Executive Council reported that it has now become more challenging to fill open positions compared to a year ago. Further, 87% of members say they have hired candidates outside of traditional engineering backgrounds, with 63% saying they have hired applicants without a college degree. And as a result of hiring based on skill level rather than education credentials, almost all respondents say the diversity of their teams has improved.

Using eSkill’s pre-employment IT skills tests to screen potential candidates levels the playing field as it eliminates the risk of unconscious bias in the initial screening stage of the hiring process. These assessments produce standardized scores to facilitate a simple comparison across candidates. Scale your recruiting efforts to immediately improve the diversity and reach of your talent pool with eSkill’s skills tests.

  1. Extend Your Reach

Most workers are open to relocation. It turns out that moving is nothing new to the pros recently surveyed by Indeed. Over half of respondents reported moving to accept a new job in the past, while a whopping 80% say they have considered moving for work at some point. eSkill’s online user-friendly platform can be accessed anywhere in the world, making it easy to vet candidates remotely. This platform flexibility means your companies talent search doesn’t have to be limited to one geographic area.

  1. Ensure Legally Defensible Hiring Practices

When determining the type of skills tests that work best for your business and your roles, you must ensure that they are reliable and valid, yield consistent results, and predict success on the job to avoid claims of discrimination. Creating computer skills tests in a way that mitigates the risk of litigation is a daunting task when done without the assistance of professional pre-employment assessment developers. eSkill has completed this costly and time-consuming test development process for over 1,000 pre-employment assessments, all of which are customizable. With a nearly 20-year Equal Employment Opportunity Commission compliance record without any litigation, eSkill is an industry leader in pre-employment IT skills tests.

  1. Increase Employee Retention

eSkill’s computer skills tests will increase your company’s hiring success, and increase the overall employee retention rate by yielding candidates who are a fit for tech positions. Research conducted by the Aberdeen Group found that companies who use pre-hire assessment tests report a 39% lower turnover rate.

Pre-hire testing makes the screening process less subjective, opening the door for those who may have previously been overlooked. With the assistance of eSkill’s expert assessment professionals, it is easy to develop valid skills assessments that match your company’s hiring needs.

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