Why Customizing Skills Tests

Over the last 12 months, the impacts of the ever-widening talent gap have been more apparent than ever. Businesses across various industries struggle to fill vacancies with quality employees. While overcoming this talent shortage will require a multifaceted approach, companies can take meaningful steps to close this gap by breaking bad hiring habits.

Businesses need to break the habit of failing to use customized skills tests for pre-employment testing and assessment purposes. Instead of using tailor-made assessments, many companies still rely on generalized screening practices that are not industry or position-specific.

Unfortunately, this long-standing approach can only provide surface-level information about prospective employees. The one thing it can’t do is reveal meaningful insights.

Below, we examine why customized skills assessments have become essential in the modern hiring environment. We also discuss the benefits of transitioning away from in-person screening in favor of online pre-employment skills testing. 

Why You Should Customize Employment Testing and Assessment Tools

No matter what industry you operate in, every position in your organization is unique. Shouldn’t the employment testing and assessment tools you use to screen applicants for these vacancies be equally individualized? We think so.

By customizing your skills assessment tests, you can significantly enhance the quality of the insights gained from your screening tools.

For instance, if you are screening applicants for a position involving a large amount of independent work, why would you use a skill assessment that focuses on measuring communication skills and email etiquette? While these abilities may come into play at some point, the bulk of the questions should not center around them.

Customizing your company’s skills assessments will help you make better hiring decisions. Your hiring staff can base all hiring choices on data relevant to your industry. In addition, eSkill’s skills tests have maintained a perfect EEOC compliance record over 20 years. They can be confident that the candidate they choose has the necessary abilities to succeed in their new role.

Additional Benefits of Customized Online Pre-Employment Skills Testing

One of the most notable advantages of online pre-employment skills testing is that this approach will help you shorten your time to hire.

While the average time to hire varies by industry, it typically takes businesses between 20 and 45 days to make an employment offer to a qualified candidate. Prolonged hiring times can be detrimental to your business, especially in light of the current worker shortage, as top candidates may get scooped up by one of your industry competitors.

In addition to expediting hiring, online pre-employment skills testing can be a great cost-saving move.

Your HR team can administer online assessments via a third-party testing platform. This means that you will not have to purchase costly materials such as answer sheets or booklets. Online assessments further reduce costs by eliminating hiring a testing coordinator or proctor, as the platform handles all proctoring responsibilities.

Customized online pre-employment assessments can also reduce the likelihood of making a poor hiring decision. As you know, even one bad hire can create unnecessary friction within the workplace. Over time, this individual can negatively impact staff morale and cause some of your top employees to seek jobs elsewhere. Is this a risk you can afford to take in the current talent climate?

How Can I Develop Customized Employment Testing and Assessment Resources?

Perhaps the biggest barrier to creating customized employment testing and assessment tools is perceived cost. Many organizations are hesitant to invest in new training resources such as skills assessments because developing these tools in-house is time-consuming and expensive.

You may have even encountered this barrier within your organization. So, what is the solution to developing customized assessments without overtaxing your financial resources?

The answer lies in partnering with an experienced skills assessment provider. The best skills testing firms have a huge library of online skills assessments. Each assessment covers a unique set of topics geared toward specific roles within a wide range of industries. A few examples of these popular skills tests include Attention to Detail, Medical Coding, and Engineering.

Each assessment includes questions in various formats, such as multiple select, simple select, select all that apply, and true or false. Some of the more advanced skills tests even utilize cutting-edge simulation software, which requires applicants to perform real-world tasks during the assessment.

If you’re not sure if any of these assessments will meet your organization’s needs, don’t worry — you can also build a custom assessment by selecting from a pool of thousands of questions. This approach means that you can cover topics most relevant to the position you are trying to fill.

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