Gone are the days of sorting through a stack of resumes or sitting through endless hours of interviews to determine the set of candidates that are best suited for a position.

In today’s world, there is a new wave of digital innovation that is improving and speeding the recruiting framework as we know it: video interviews. Video interviewing is a hiring trend that has been increasing in popularity in recent years and for good reasons.

In LinkedIn’s 2018 report, Global Recruiting Trends, over 9,000 hiring managers and recruiters from around the world were surveyed about the trends that are shaping hiring. In the report, Nikki Harrison, Head of People and Culture Transformation, KPMG Australia, discusses the use of video interviews to increase hiring efficiency and diversity:

Video has cut the number of in-person interviews from thousands to hundreds, freeing up significant recruiter time. The short and shareable videos also help hiring teams collaborate more easily. Exposure to qualified candidates not previously considered (eg., arts, and music majors) has led KPMG to more diverse hiring choices.”

The report goes on to cite many companies who have had similar successes adding video interviews to their hiring processes. Video interviewing platforms streamline the hiring process for recruiters, saving them time and money.

Here is a look at the reasons why your business should be using video interviews:

  1. Speed

It should come as no surprise that viewing a set of pre-recorded interviews is significantly faster than scheduling and partaking in the same number of in-person interviews. One way video interviews offer a concise and on-topic type of interview, eliminating the need for small talk.

In an article published by CIO, Rick Fabrizio of AmeriGas discusses the benefits of one-way video interviews:

Video interviewing can “greatly improve the hiring process, which historically has been very frustrating to hiring managers. Scheduling multiple candidates to meet with multiple managers has always been challenging. Now the process becomes very flexible for us. It shortens the hiring cycle since it weeds out the candidates that look good on paper but are a bust in person.”

Playing phone and email tag when trying to set up interviews is a burden that most hiring managers and recruiters face. eSkill’s video interviews allow candidates to complete the interview at a time that works best for them. Once completed, recruiters and position stakeholders can review the interview at a time that fits into their schedule and easily share the interview and scoring with the rest of the hiring team.

  1. Quickly Identify Skills

As many recruiters and hiring managers are aware, candidates’ resumes do not always accurately reflect their skill set. Using eSkill’s video interviews in combination with our skills tests, it is possible to weed out job seekers who are not able to communicate effectively and/or lack the requistite basic skills to succeed. This will eliminate the majority of unqualified candidates, saving your hiring team time.

  1. Expand Your Talent Pool

Video interviewing is a great way to connect with talent from around the world. Video interviews ease the burden of company spending on travel expenses to bring in candidates from out-of-state or internationally. Video interviewing expands hiring borders. Having access to an expansive talent pool is essential for recruiters and staffing professionals to hire top talent.

  1. Improve the Candidate Experience

Providing candidates with a flexible way to interview for a position gives hiring managers access to candidates who otherwise might not have applied. For instance, an individual already employed might not be actively seeking a new job, but maybe open to a new opportunity if the salary and benefits were an improvement from their current position. However, arranging a time to interview face-to-face during the workday may likely be too inconvenient, causing the candidate to opt-out altogether. With video interviewing, more candidates are willing to throw their hat in the ring, expanding the talent pool even further.

  1. Maintain Consistent Interviewing

It is often easy for a recruiter or hiring manager to get off track during phone or face-to-face interviews. eSkill’s one-way video interviewing ensures that the same questions are asked to each candidate. Maintaining consistency during the interview process is crucial to accurately evaluate the best fit for a position, and for legal compliance in selection. When interviews are consistently administered across all applicants, the hiring manager is able to make a better-informed decision.

  1. Collaborate with Colleagues

Save time throughout the hiring process by cutting down on the amount of back and forth emails with the hiring team. With eSkill’s trusted platform, sharing candidates’ video interviews, comments, and scores in real-time is simple. When hiring at high volumes, it can be hard to organize and share all the necessary notes, scores, and screenings with colleagues. Recorded digital interviews allow hiring teams to share their screening information directly with colleagues, allowing for more precise feedback, comparison, and collaboration.

It is imperative that HR departments and recruiters stay up-to-date with hiring trends. Video interviews allow businesses to evaluate more candidates from a larger talent pool, faster, more accurately and for less money.

Interested in Adding Video Interviews to Your Hiring Process?

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Adina Miron

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