We live in an era of exponentially accelerating advances in technology. Highly-developed and digitalized gadgets are involved in virtually every facet of our daily lives and affect the way we communicate, work, shop, and entertain ourselves.

While human resources (HR) departments are beginning to leverage technology, many are still using antiquated recruiting systems that make high volume hiring nearly impossible. To scale up hiring efforts quickly, HR professionals must shift from outdated practices to modern approaches to hiring.

By using advanced technology solutions like online skills tests, job simulations, and on-demand video interviews, organizations can streamline their hiring process and talent pipeline. eSkill’s innovative employment testing solutions leverage advanced automation and predictive analytics to systematically qualify candidates and save hiring teams valuable time and resources.

In a time when it is critical to develop a volume hiring strategy, eSkill’s technology-driven hiring platform provides talent acquisition professionals with the tools they need to rapidly hire top candidates at scale.

Develop a Technology-Driven High Volume Hiring Strategy

Not surprisingly, high volume hiring presents many challenges for recruiters and HR professionals.  By definition, high volume hiring is the practice of hiring more candidates than usual over a given time period. Anytime a team of employees is asked to do more than usual, a strategic plan to enable a greater workload is necessary.

eSkill makes developing and implementing a strategic high volume hiring plan simple. Its dedicated U.S.-based Client Success Managers help hiring teams develop and implement a robust volume hiring strategy that leverages modern hiring tools.

eSkill’s suite of technology-powered hiring tools improves volume hiring by: 

  • Ranking applicants based on verified skill sets
  • Sending custom notifications to applicants throughout the hiring process
  • Providing employers with detailed score reports for each candidate
  • Enabling hiring teams to instantly reject or auto-progress multiple candidates
  • Integrating with existing HR tools to create a seamless high volume hiring solution

While every organizations’ hiring cycle will vary, below is a brief outline of the seven steps to executing an effective technology-driven, high volume hiring process with eSkill: 

  1. Identify Required Competencies. For each position, determine the critical skills, knowledge, and aptitude needed for on-the-job success.
  1. Configure Skills Tests. Select and customize skills tests that align with the identified competencies for each position. With the eSkill’s extensive Test Library of customizable skills- and job-based tests in the HR industry, finding a test that aligns with any job’s requirements is possible.
  1. Administer Skills Tests. Automatically send job-relevant skills tests to every applicant.
  1. Create a Shortlist of Candidates. Automatically rank candidates based on their test scores and create a shortlist to move on to the next stage of the high volume hiring
  1. Conduct On-Demand Video Interviews. Hiring teams record and send a set of interview questions to candidates, decide on scoring criteria, and invite candidates to complete an on-demand video interview. Candidates recorded responses are instantly available to hiring teams on the eSkill Interview Portal.
  1. Enable Team Scoring of Interviews. On eSkill’s Interview Portal, select members of the hiring team to evaluate candidates’ interview responses based on the predetermined scoring criteria. An administrator (typically the hiring team lead) can review scoring progress, approve each reviewer’s score, aggregate or average the team’s scores, share the results, and rank candidates based on interview scores and skills test results.
  1. Select Top Talent. On eSkill’s Employer Dashboard, review candidates’ detailed score reports and extend offers to the most qualified candidates.

With the modern conveniences eSkill’s intuitive assessment platform offers and the unparalleled support from eSkill’s Employment Assessment Experts, organizations can quickly implement an effective volume hiring strategy.

Why Use Skills Tests in High Volume Hiring?

Skills tests speed up the hiring process even when hiring at scale. In fact, research shows that using pre-employment skills tests reduces the average time-to-hire by 27%.

With eSkill, employers can instantly send job-relevant tests to every applicant. Test scores are immediately available and provide HR personnel and recruiters with a comprehensive evaluation of candidates. With automated scoring and candidate ranking capabilities, eSkill’s platform enables hiring teams to quickly identify top contenders.

Why Use On-Demand Video Interviews in High Volume Hiring?

When hiring at scale, saving time is essential to keeping the recruitment process moving forward. On-demand video interviews completely remove scheduling conflicts, time-consuming small talk, and the need to repeat questions to every candidate.

In addition to time-saving benefits, eSkill’s framework for using on-demand video interviews facilitates a more objective scoring process. Since every candidate responds to the same questions in the same order, there is no room for additional prompting or body language that could influence candidates’ responses. Additionally, eSkill’s team scoring feature, standardized scoring criteria, and administrative oversight and approval of reviewers’ evaluations ensure consistency and fairness in scoring practices.

With eSkill’s cutting-edge technology solutions, organizations can ramp up high volume hiring while improving the overall quality of hire. If your high volume hiring strategy is suffering from antiquated approaches to screening candidates, it is time to consider partnering with eSkill.

Interested in Leveraging Technology to Improve Your High Volume Hiring Strategy?

Learn more about the benefits of using eSkill’s customizable skills tests and on-demand video interviews to find qualified candidates quickly and at scale.

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