Manufacturing jobs in the U.S. increased by 54,000 in November, climbing from 12,811,000 to 12,865,000, reports the Bureau of Labor Statistics. And according to data compiled by SCORE, almost 90% of U.S. manufacturing companies cannot fill all open positions. Evolving skill sets due to advancing technologies were cited as the top reason for hiring difficulties.

As manufacturers adjust hiring practices to compete in today’s talent-driven market, systematically identifying candidates that are “trainable” is the key to success. Facing an unprecedented skill shortage, manufacturing companies must shift traditional hiring practices to modern solutions to meet the changing landscape. Hire and retain better employees using the data collected from eSkill’s basic manufacturing skills tests to develop individualized training programs.

Analyze Current Skill Gaps

The 2019 LinkedIn Workplace Learning Report found the top area of focus for talent developers in 2019 was identifying and assessing skills gaps. To address skill shortages, companies need employee baseline data, or they will not be able to accurately identify current and emerging positions that need to be filled. eSkill’s manufacturing skills and abilities tests can be used to evaluate organizations’ internal talent skill gaps, the first step in developing strategies to resolve them.

Hire to Address the Missing Link

Skills-based hiring enables employers to hire for the skills gaps that exist within their organization. Rather than focusing on experience, education, or certifications, companies should focus on identifying candidates with the needed skills to fill open positions. Using manufacturing skills and abilities tests to select candidates increases the talent pool making it easier to hire the right people. The tests also eliminate the risk of unconscious bias resulting in a greater number of qualified candidates who make it through the initial screening stage of the hiring process. Skills tests make the screening process less subjective, opening the door for those who may have previously been overlooked.

Improve Hiring Results

Not only does skill-based based hiring increase the talent pool, but it also improves the retention rate. Companies that administer pre-hire skills tests have a 39% lower turnover rate than those who do not, according to research from the Aberdeen Group. The ability to use quantitative measurements to predict future job performance, allows employers to make informed hiring decisions, resulting in lower employee turnover rates and increased productivity. Scale your hiring efforts with eSkill’s tests, ranging from basic manufacturing skills test to in-depth assessments of specialized knowledge and abilities.

Companies should utilize the results of skills tests to ensure every employee receives the most useful and relevant training. Manufacturing skills assessment tests improve onboarding by informing training decisions. Strategically using skill-based testing to identify newly hired employees’ skill gaps allows companies to create tailored training programs to get new hires up to speed, ultimately, increasing new employee satisfaction and retention. 

The results of skills tests can be leveraged to develop customized, long-term training programs for new hires, and identify individuals who possess the necessary cognitive skills to pursue more advanced training programs. With a clear idea of the skills an individual currently has, companies can determine the emerging positions that align most closely with their abilities and create a training pathway to get them there.

A 2018 report by LinkedIn found that 94% of the employees surveyed would work for a company longer that invested in their continued training and career development. Reskilling new hires and current employees will help manufacturers bridge the skills gap, fill the massive amount of open positions plaguing the industry, and increase the employee retention rate.

On eSkill’s user-friendly platform, it is easy to customize skills tests to match the requirements of any position by combining . For instance, you can combine eSkill’s job-specific ‘Assembly Technician’ test with eSkill’s subject-specific ‘Basic Industrial Math’ test to create a comprehensive evaluation. With the largest library of employment tests in the industry and a nearly 20-year record of Equal Employment Opportunity Commission compliance, eSkill is an industry leader in administering valid and reliable employment assessments.

eSkill’s assessments enable your company to prioritize and allocate talent acquisition and training dollars to areas with the most significant skill deficits. Without this information, your organization cannot adequately plan a talent management and training strategy. eSkill’s online assessment platform makes evaluating talent’s skills effective and efficient.

Companies around the world now recognize how skills tests can improve talent management processes and reduce company spending to make hiring and training decisions. Learn how eSkill’s employment assessments can help your company mitigate the impact of the skills shortage while increasing productivity and the employee retention rate.

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