By evaluating computer skills, employers can tell a lot about potential candidates, going far beyond the traditional interview in placing the right candidate in the right job. Zappos, Coca-Cola, FedEx, LG, and Paychex are just some of the top companies that choose to use eSkill’s computer skills proficiency tests during the hiring process.

While pre-employment computer skills assessments have been on human resources departments’ radar for a while, it has increasingly become a recognized method of strategically hiring talent today. A report by the Aberdeen Group found that companies who use pre-hire tests are 24% more likely to have a high percentage of employees who exceed performance expectations, and 36% more likely to be satisfied with new hires than businesses that do not use pre-employment testing.

eSkill’s suite of computer skills assessments enables top companies to decrease human effort while maximizing profit potential and minimize bias in hiring decisions by objectively predicting fit and performance.

Focus on Required Skills

As an alternative to evaluating candidates based on degree requirements and work history, top companies are administering computer skills assessments during the hiring process to ensure candidates have what it takes to succeed in positions ranging from customer service representative to accountant. Top tech companies such as Apple, Google, Netflix, IBM have dropped degree requirements and instead emphasize skills.

To fully realize the benefits of computer skills proficiency tests, companies must choose assessments that measure the skills that will be used on the job. Companies that have developed job descriptions that are carefully detailed and aligned with success factors for jobs will be able to create pre-hire skills tests that will result in the most useful data.

Top companies begin the process of deciding on the appropriate pre-hire test for a position by performing a job analysis, a study of a position’s requirements. eSkill’s dedicated Customer Success Managers are available to help your hiring team conduct a job analysis. Once the job analysis is complete, an individualized, objective testing protocol, decided on or customized with the support of eSkill’s Customer Success Managers, can be chosen. Investing in a high-quality, job-specific testing process will help your company reap the benefits of administering pre-employment tests.

Select Skills Test

eSkill offers a vast library of both off-the-shelf skills tests and single-subject modules that can be combined and edited to create the ideal assessment for any position. Since every job is unique, eSkill’s user-friendly interface allows companies to easily combine assessments, change questions, or add additional items. These skills tests are editable as a template so that you can modify and save your own versions.

eSkill’s off-the-shelf tests are either job-specific or subject-specific.

  • Subject-Based Tests:
    • eSkill’s subject-based tests are suitable for testing candidates in-depth on a single subject and provide a global percentile score, making it easy to compare top talent.
    • For example, eSkill’s MS Office – Excel® simulation skills test evaluates candidates’ ability to use the software effectively by assessing topics such as formatting, functions and formulas, managing charts, managing workbooks, and printing.
  • Other computer skills proficiency tests include MS Office – Outlook®, Word®, PowerPoint®, Project®, Access®, G Suite, Firefox, MS Windows, Google Chrome, General Email, Typing: 10-Key Data Entry, C++, Ruby on the Rails, and more.
  • Job-Based Tests:
    • eSkill’s job-based tests combine multiple subjects needed for a particular job and provide a global percentile score for easy comparison.
    • For example, eSkill’s Customer Service Representative test covers several subjects, including computer literacy, customer service and call center skills, data entry, and written English communication.
    • eSkill offers hundreds of job-specific standardized tests for a wide variety of positions.

With eSkill, you can also quickly build custom tests from 600+ modular subjects, 5,000+ subtopics, or by choosing from individual questions.

Automate Assessments and Analyze Results

On eSkill’s user-friendly platform, computer skills placement tests can be automatically sent to every candidate who applies for a particular position. After each computer skills proficiency test is completed, the results are immediately available on a dashboard for anyone on the hiring team to view. The results are then used to develop shortlists of candidates who have the skills and aptitude required for a position.

Maintain Legal Compliance

Companies must be careful to administer pre-hire skills tests in a consistent, standardized way to generate reliable results and maintain legal compliance. eSkill is an industry leader in creating pre-employment tests that prevent future litigation. eSkill’s assessments follow the Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures of 1978, which outlines standards the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) holds employers to when implementing pre-hire tests. eSkill is proud to hold a nearly 20-year record of EEOC compliance.

Thanks to advances in technology, eSkill can offer customizable, automated pre-hire tests that enable employers to use quantitative data to make the best hiring decisions possible. Follow the lead of top companies and adopt a hiring process that is effective, efficient, and compliant with eSkill’s customizable assessments.

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