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It seems like the one constant that you face for most staffing agencies is intense competition from other firms. There are always new players entering the field, and with average profit margins between 4% and 10%, there is plenty of incentive for these agencies to make their mark.

When you want to increase your placement rates, you need to make full use of all of the best tools available. One potent tool is pre-employment assessment tests. The eSkill Talent Assessment Platform offers innovative ways to leverage pre-employment skills tests to help you find top candidates faster so you can decrease time-to-hire.

Here are five ways you can use skills testing to improve your agency’s placement rates.

1) Discovering Long-Term Potential

Businesses hate turnover. From a financial perspective, replacing an entry-level worker can cost up to 50% of the annual salary for the position. That percentage only goes up for more senior employees. In addition, every employee who leaves represents a loss of time and money that the company has invested.

To combat turnover, it is valuable to identify employees who will fill a particular job and be capable of embarking on a career with the company.

Pre-employment skills testing gives you a complete picture of each candidate. eSkill’s intuitive user dashboard shows you how each candidate performed on the tests that they were given. Still, they also allow you to compare their responses to each question to form a complete picture of their suitability as a long-term hire.

In-depth pre-employment assessment tests enable you to analyze the questions by difficulty so you can see whether a candidate performed well on more complex questions. Candidates who can handle difficult questions easily are more likely to be well-suited to a long-term career, making it easy to place them in positions with confidence.

2) Focusing on the Traits That Are Needed for Particular Roles

All too often, job descriptions focus on the deliverables a candidate will need to provide to the company. While performance goals are important, they should not overshadow the qualities you are looking for in candidates for a position.

With eSkill, you can tailor your pre-employment skills tests for specific positions. With a library of over 800 job- and subject-based tests, you can choose a pre-prepared exam or build your custom test by combining existing assessments or handpicking validated questions from eSkill’s library and adding your content.

The eSkill Test Library has pre-employment assessment tests for hard skills like Software Testing or Accounting and Bookkeeping and soft skills like Customer Service and Logical Thinking. These test results will show you which candidates are most likely to be suitable for a job — a quality we call JobFit.

3) Bringing a Better Return on Investment

Staffing agencies are always looking for ways to lower costs while increasing performance, and pre-employment skills testing offers a perfect opportunity to do both. Rather than having HR professionals go through resumes and applications from every candidate, skills tests can quickly eliminate applicants who lack the basic skills a position requires.

With this shortcut, you will not have to waste time on candidates who have no real shot at landing the position. Instead, you can focus your efforts on those who have a better JobFit, saving you time and money while lowering the chances of making a bad hire. For example, one client, BELAY, cut their time to hire by 50%.

4) Streamlining Your Interviewing Process

In addition to eliminating poor candidates, the eSkill Talent Assessment Platform allows you to streamline the interview process. You can include audio and video questions on your pre-employment skills tests and set criteria for scoring video and audio answers so your recruiting team can get on the same page in the review process.

While these videos are not a substitute for an interview, they provide a vital step forward in the recruiting process, giving you a better sense of the candidate’s personality and verbal communication skills.

5) Staying on the Cutting-Edge of Staffing

The staffing industry is constantly adapting. As the old saying goes, if you are not going forward, you are going backward. To stay relevant — and profitable — you need to stay at the forefront of technology.

At eSkill, we pride ourselves on our premium assessment software and services. Our user dashboard gives you all of the information you need at a glance, with easy-to-use drop-down menus that allow you to refine your data even further.

Best of all, our pre-employment assessment tests integrate easily into most ATS platforms. You can send out a testing link to every candidate as part of the application process.

Interested in Using Pre-Employment Assessment Tests to Increase Placement Rates?

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