The cloud—you’ve heard of it, but do you know what it is or how it can help you in your recruiting?

Put simply, cloud computing, or “software as a service” (SAAS), is a software solution that allows you to access information on your browser over the Internet. It can be any kind of information accessed via a variety of platforms. Your Google Mail, Amazon, and Facebook account all operate on cloud computing, which means that you can access them from anywhere, anytime, as long as you have an Internet connection and an Internet-ready device like a computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

Most of what we do online now is based on a cloud platform, so it makes sense to use that technology and apply it to different uses and industries. In recruiting, cloud computing can make a big difference in the way we operate. From searching for top talent more effectively to seeking new talent pools, expanding the reach of job ads, and working remotely more easily, cloud computing has clear benefits for the recruiting industry.

Here are five benefits that cloud computing can provide for recruiting companies and departments:

  1. Centralization. As a recruiter or HR professional, you know the importance of having all of your information in one place. Whether you’re looking for current job ads, potential candidates’ resumes, or completed job applications, having to look for each thing in a different place is time-consuming. Imagine if you had each of these components that make up your daily tasks in different buildings across town. Now imagine if you had them all in a filing cabinet right next to you. That’s what cloud computing can help you do—consolidate the information into one centralized location where you can find everything you need to do your job.
  2. Accessibility. Not only does cloud software help you consolidate information into a centralized location, but it also gives you access to that information anywhere, anytime. Recruiters often work outside of the regular “9 to 5” schedule because that’s when they’re better able to connect with candidates who do have to stick to that schedule. Having all of the relevant information available anytime, whether it’s early in the morning or late in the evening, will help recruiters do their job easily whenever they need it done. This allows for a more mobile lifestyle, which is useful for any recruiter who needs to access information 24/7 from anywhere. With a cloud system in place, a recruiter can access a candidate’s resume or edit a job ad anytime and anywhere.
  3. Customization. You can create a cloud platform that is customized for exactly what you need in every aspect—purpose, ease of use, layout, etc. Cloud customization is scalable, which means it can fit into most budgets, whether your company or department is big or small. This also means that you can maximize your investment by creating a platform that suits your needs exactly. Instead of spending money on separate systems that are combined to provide the support you need, you can customize a cloud platform to fit all of your needs without wasting any time or money.
  4. Search-ability. With customized cloud software, recruiters can create a portal to consolidate their job candidates into a searchable database. The recruiting industry is incredibly competitive and finding top talent is becoming more challenging, which is why casting a wider net is crucial. With a cloud platform, you can combine the information from potential candidates, making searches much easier and keeping track of all their progress in one place. You can also use the same platform to aggregate your job ads and determine sort by where and when they’re posted.
  5. Cost. Cloud computing also means savings. Not only are you saving money by customizing your platform to meet your specific needs, as previously mentioned, but you’re also saving in infrastructure costs. With cloud software, you don’t have to spend part of your budget on acquiring a server and paying to maintain and manage it. There’s no need to install VPNs for remote access or to pay for software licenses upfront. Recruiting companies and departments, especially small to mid-size ones, can really see some savings by opting to use cloud systems.


  • Betty Butlet says:

    It’s extremely difficult to find top talent, and every recruiter has his/her own way of finding the right people for a particular job. It’s not a secret that this process may be very time consuming, that’s why it’s important to use technologies that would help speed up the process. If cloud computing can help in recruiting process, then – no doubt that it should be used.

  • Noemi Castaneda says:

    I see all the great advantages. Are there any cons.? Is one’s information/documents more susceptible to hackers?

  • Anthony Kohl says:

    There are so many new technology tools and implementations these days that one might be lost among them. I think only some of them are really useful in the recruiting process. But before knowing which one is going to be the most helpful, it’s worth using trial implementation for 2-3 weeks and see how it works practically.

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