For organizations to meet the demands of the current healthcare talent landscape, they must move away from outdated hiring practices and begin implementing data-driven approaches to identifying qualified talent. With eSkill’s healthcare employment assessment tests, organizations can lock-in efficiency and improve talent selection decisions.

  1. Mitigate Risk and Improve Hiring Outcomes

The cost of hiring an unqualified candidate in a healthcare organization is higher than in any other industry. If an employee in a healthcare setting does not have the required skills or knowledge it puts patients’ lives at risk.

Preventable errors are having a big financial impact on healthcare providers. According to a 2018 report published by Harvard Medical School, the biggest contributing factors in malpractice cases between 2007 and 2016 were poor technical skills and miscommunication, and cost providers an average of $42,000 per claim.

eSkill’s healthcare employment assessment tests help healthcare providers overcome specific challenges. eSkill’s extensive Test Library includes healthcare skills tests that enable organizations to evaluate candidates on a wide range of subjects, including medical dosage calculations, medical coding, HIPAA, communication skills and documentation, and infection control. Employers can administer subject-specific tests as stand-alone tests or combine them to create comprehensive evaluations.

eSkill also offers a large selection of customizable job-based healthcare tests that facilitate a comprehensive evaluation of job-relevant competencies. For instance, eSkill’s Certified Nursing Assistant skills test measures candidates’ ability to perform basic medical and administrative procedures such as providing direct care in accordance with treatment plans, documenting actions by completing forms, documents, logs, and records, and measure patients’ vital signs.

Additional job-based healthcare skills tests offered by eSkill include Medical Assistant, Certified Medication Aide, Nursing Assistant, Medical Biller, Medical Transcriptionist, Registered Nurse. eSkill’s dedicated U.S.-based Client Success Managers are always available to help employers select, configure, and administer employment tests that directly align with the required skills and competencies for any position in the healthcare industry.

Using pre employment testing ensures employers to fill open positions with qualified healthcare workers. Healthcare organizations that use skills testing to uncover applicants’ professional strengths and weaknesses and verify required skill sets before making a job offer reduce their chances of hiring unqualified candidates.

  1. Reach a Larger Pool of Candidates

As the Coronavirus pandemic continues, the demand for certain healthcare positions remains at an all-time high. Therefore, expanding the talent search is critical to filling open positions with qualified personnel. With eSkill’s online pre-employment testing platform, organizations can use skills testing to evaluate candidates regardless of location.

Using job-specific healthcare skills testing not only gives organizations access to more candidates, but it also facilitates an objective and evaluation of candidates’ skill sets. Beyond geographic location, organizations can use eSkill’s healthcare employment assessment tests to verify the skills of applicants who may lack the relevant education credentials or work history. With an evidence-based approach to evaluating candidates’ fit for a position, employers can eliminate subjective and irrelevant hiring criteria.

  1. Optimize Onboarding and Training Programs

Providing employees and new-hires with customized onboarding and training programs is key to enhancing productivity and avoiding costly on-the-job mistakes. By analyzing skills testing results, healthcare organizations can better understand where individual employees excel and identify skills and knowledge “gaps” where a new hire or employee needs additional training.

Top healthcare organizations use the results of employment assessment tests to select and deliver highly-relevant training programs to their employees. By taking a data-driven approach to optimizing training processes, organizations avoid unnecessary training, saving time and money.

Skills testing bolsters training and provides insight into knowledge gaps that exist within an organization. When given at regular intervals, assessments help you proactively implement workforce development strategies that improve your bottom line.

  1. Reduce Employee Turnover

In today’s unpredictable healthcare landscape, pre-employment testing ensures hiring decisions result in a workforce capable of providing quality care. One of the most significant challenges in the healthcare industry is finding and retaining qualified professionals.

The American Staffing Association reports that eight of the ten most difficult positions to fill are in the healthcare sector. Not surprisingly, 81.3% of healthcare organizations listed employee retention as a “key strategic imperative,” according to the 2019 National Health Care Retention & RN Staffing Report. Using skills testing to implement an evidence-based approach to identifying qualified talent for healthcare positions is essential to reducing costly turnover.

Interested in Using Pre-Employment Testing to Improve Hiring Outcomes?

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