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As a recruiter, one of your goals is to increase the efficiency of your work, while selecting the best-qualified candidates. Of course, to do this, you need to eliminate some candidates as early as possible in your recruiting flow.

Nearly half of recruiters say they typically conduct three interviews per candidate.  On average, filling a new position using traditional hiring methods takes 45 days and costs between $1,500 and $5,000 — a  waste of time and money.

Have you used one-way video interviews yet? They are productive, convenient and economical.

Three Benefits of One-Way Video Interviews

The ease of sending and reviewing video interviews enables recruiters to expedite the screening process in two major ways. First, recruiters can review interview responses at their convenience — either all at once, to compare candidate responses, or as they are submitted. Second, one-way video interviews add to each candidate’s appeal: They are not limited to words on a paper or a screen. Instead their tone and facial expressions can help them convey their communication skills, personality and cultural fit. One-way video interviews benefit your recruiting process in three major ways:

  1. They strengthen the communication channels between recruiters and candidates to create a faster and streamlined screening process.

If an interviewee gives an underwhelming first impression, the reviewer can just move on instead of what might happen in a live interview — wasting the time to politely see it through or possibly giving the candidate false hope. Another plus for the employer is that reviewers are not identified, so they no longer receive calls from job seekers checking in.

  1. They give you the chance to evaluate candidates’ live communication skills and nonverbal demeanor.

You can use video technology as a litmus test. Notice how willing (or hesitant) they are to record their interview on video. This might reveal which candidates will be most comfortable in certain jobs. At the same time, candidates get a chance to express themselves fully and many appreciate the opportunity to appear before you as a “real person” and not just another application.

  1. They reduce your time-to-hire.

One-way interviews significantly reduce the time spent reviewing candidates and the manpower needed to schedule and conduct in-person and phone interviews. In a survey of 506 companies, 47% said video interviewing shortens the time it takes to make a hire.

We have some good news. From now on, you can add voice and video auditions to your eSkill skills and behavioral assessments for a complete, seamless screening process. With this major update, eSkill has brought together all aspects of candidate evaluation: skills assessments, behavioral assessments, team scoring of complex tasks, ID verification, and voice & video interviews.

eSkill Voice & Video Interview is now available!

Using our Voice & Video Interview feature is easy and customizable. You can:

  • ask candidates to attach a recorded file or record a video or audio with their responses to your questions
  • require candidates to show an ID during their video recording session to verify their identity
  • vary the level of difficulty for questions
  • set a time limit
  • enhance your question by adding a file
  • combine Voice & Video Interview questions with eSkill subject tests and simulations
  • Receive 24/7 live support for hiring teams and candidates
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