For Government recruiters, attracting top talent can be a challenging task. With out-of-date recruiting techniques, most public sector recruiters are looking for the golden ticket:  qualified, skilled employees who want to serve the greater good while accepting lower salaries than in the private sector.

Other recruiting challenges present themselves in the public sector as well. With millennials now representing the largest generation in the workforce, the attraction to public sector jobs is low for younger workers. According to a Politico study, the average age of federal Government workers has increased from age 30 to 42 over the past 30 years. Additionally, Politico notes that in a federal workforce of over 2 million employees, only 17% are under age 35 while more than 25% are over age 55.

In a recent study by the Center for State and Local Government Excellence, hiring freezes, layoffs, and pay cuts are the lowest in a decade for Governmental organizations. However, with an aging population, limited budgets, and a demonstrated skills gap, public employers report difficulty in filling specific Governmental positions, such as network administration, accounting, skilled trades, and policing.

One way to create a pipeline of qualified Governmental candidates is to leverage pre-employment office skills tests, such as basic office administration, typing, and Microsoft Office tests. These skills tests can not only identify candidates’ abilities; they can also help pinpoint which candidates are the best fit for a job or organization. By matching qualified candidates to the right position, employers ensure employee success, driving engagement, productivity, and retention.

Here are some ways to leverage office skills tests in Government recruiting.

Why Use Pre-Employment Skills Tests?

Using pre-employment tests in the recruiting process allows employers to make objective, transparent, and reliable hiring decisions by reducing subjectivity and bias. Additionally, by using industry-specific skills tests, employers can identify candidates with the requisite skills and abilities to fill job vacancies.

Pre-employment tests also take the time-consuming drudgery out of deciphering resumes or determining candidate fit in job interviews. Because of their objectivity and reliability, skills tests can identify which candidates possess specific skills and abilities, allowing employers to make better hires. This not only produces better hiring results, but it also reduces time and money typically associated with the hiring process.

Which Tests Should be Leveraged?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), administrative services manager positions are projected to grow by 10% from 2016 until 2026, faster than the average for all occupations. These managers contribute to their employer by planning, directing, and coordinating organizational services, such as maintaining facilities, recordkeeping, mail distributions, and general office management.

When developing public administration support staff, employers should emphasize administrative and organizational skills, basic computer knowledge, and database and project management skills. To hire and develop these skills, Government organizations can leverage the following tests, helping to ensure quality hires to keep up with the times.

  • Basic Office Skills Tests. For basic office skills, employers can test for email etiquette, attention to detail, logical thinking, office filing, and multitasking simulation, among others. Additionally, depending upon the job, employers may also want to test for basic math or digital literacy.


  • Typing Skills Tests. With as much information and data that are generated daily in the workplace, typing and data entry skills are paramount for administrative staff. For example, employers can test not only for typing accuracy and speed but also for form-fill data entry, legal or medical typing, 10-key data entry, or business text typing.
  • Microsoft Office Skills Tests. Employers can administer skills tests focused on Microsoft Office. A candidate may say that they’re proficient at Microsoft Excel® on their resume, but with skills tests, employers can objectively assess abilities with an Excel® skills test. Additionally, employers can assess abilities for all Microsoft Office programs, including Outlook®, Powerpoint®, and Word®, including skills, functions, and simulations.

Discover How eSkill Can Help

eSkill has developed customizable pre-employment assessments, tailored to Government and public administration. For example, you can quickly assess candidates’ job skills, psychological fit, and interview presentation. You can select from over 600 standard tests, or customize your own, from thousands of topics relevant to your public administration training and job requirements.

Hiring employees that fit within the public administration sector can drive success. Understand who you’re recruiting while adjusting your expectations to a changing marketplace.

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Adina Miron

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