As employers seek to identify the best and brightest candidates from a diverse talent pool, they must think strategically about the implications of the pre-hire tools they use. From video interviews to customizable skills tests and realistic simulations, technological innovations are improving the way talent professionals screen and hire candidates. Unfortunately, many employers are not taking full advantage of these technologies.’s Research Institute recently released a report entitled, The State of Pre-Hire Tools and Systems which showed 16% of employers surveyed said the components of their pre-hire tools were well-integrated. And while 93% of employers have pre-hire processes and tools in place, only 45% view their existing system as good.

Further investigation revealed employers that reported having good pre-hire tools and processes were more likely than their lagging counterparts to:

  • Leverage skill and emotional intelligence assessments, and video interviews
  • Have well-integrated pre-hire systems

“Going into 2020, employers should focus on streamlining processes to ensure better integration of individual pre-hire tools and components,” says Debbie McGrath, Chief Instigator and CEO of

Embracing technology and harnessing the benefits of well-integrated pre-hire tools does not have to be an uphill battle. eSkill offers a comprehensive suite of pre-employment screening tools that includes video interviews, skills tests, and behavioral assessments, that can be seamlessly integrated into your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) or Learning Management System (LMS).

Integrate and Streamline Pre-Hire Tools

eSkill’s comprehensive integration capabilities save employers valuable time in the recruitment process and organize all hiring resources and tools in one place. eSkill’s user-friendly dashboard makes compiling, sharing, scoring, and analyzing assessment and interview results easy.

When candidates apply for a position, you can automatically send an email invitation to take eSkill’s on-demand video interviews, skills tests, and behavioral assessments. When administered together, they provide hiring teams with quantifiable data they can leverage to predict the potential performance of applicants.

Evaluate Candidates Through a Multifaceted Approach

Employers want predictive accuracy in their hiring process. By evaluating skills, cognitive abilities, and personality hiring teams obtain quantitative data they can use to make informed decisions. eSkill’s pre-hire tools and video interviews tap into the power of predictive analytics and behavioral science to leverage data and match applicants to jobs while significantly reducing bias in hiring practices.

Video interview results and results of skills or behavioral assessments should not be the sole deciding factor for rejecting or moving candidates forward. You should consider a candidate’s complete profile using a multifaceted approach that blends resumes, job-relevant assessments, and structured video interviews for a comprehensive and objective approach to hiring.

Leverage Efficient and Innovative Technology

It pays to implement a thorough evaluation process when considering job applicants, but talent acquisition professionals are very aware that the longer it takes to decide, the higher the chance that candidates accept a competitor’s job offer.

In a recent press release, Lauren Smith, VP of Gartner HR, explains, “Our research shows the [average] amount of time it takes to make an offer after interviewing is now 33 days — an 84% increase from 2010. This longer decision-making stage is causing a 16% reduction in candidates accepting offers.” Because of this lag in decision-making, talent professionals are losing out on prime candidates.

As a result, top companies are turning to pre-hire tools such as video interviews to decrease the time-to-hire. With online one-way video interviews, candidates receive interview questions in either text or video form and record their responses at their convenience. Hiring teams can then watch and score the recorded video interview and create a shortlist of candidates. Interviews conducted online not only speed the decision-making process but also give employers access to a larger talent pool since travel expenses are no longer a restriction.

eSkill’s platform offers hiring teams many customization and automation features and the most extensive library of customizable pre-employment assessments in the industry. By combining pre-hire tools such as job- and skills-based assessments with behavioral assessments, businesses can tailor candidate evaluations to match the requirements of any position.

For instance, a hiring manager may opt to have every applicant for a position take a job- and skills-relevant assessment before moving on to the one-way video interview. The hiring manager may then choose to automatically send candidates who score above “passing” (a score set by the hiring team) to a landing page describing the video interview process with a link to complete the interview. On the other hand, the hiring manager may then send candidates who score below passing to a landing page of similar, but less skilled positions.

eSkill also offers employers an easy-to-use team scoring feature, so hiring teams can independently score responses to interview questions and open-ended questions. The scores can then be aggregated or averaged to reach a more objective evaluation of candidates’ responses. Without the constraints of a traditional in-person or a “live” two-way online interview that requires the interviewers and the job-seeker to coordinate a mutually agreed upon meeting time, the audio-video response interview is complete and can be evaluated quickly and efficiently.

To find qualified talent in a candidate-driven market, HR professionals need to shift traditional hiring practices towards modern hiring strategies. With eSkill’s suite of customizable skills tests, behavioral assessments, one-way video interviews, and team scoring, employers can fully integrate their pre-hire tools and streamline their hiring process.

Interested in Utilizing One-Way Video Interview Technology and Automated Skills Tests?

Learn more about the benefits of using eSkill’s pre-hire tools–video interview technology, skills tests, and behavioral assessments to find qualified candidates quickly.

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