Over the past two years, the U.S. unemployment rates in the industrial sector have reached record lows, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In November, the unemployment rates of industrial occupations ranged from just 2.7 percent to 3.3 percent, falling below the 50-year record average unemployment rate of 3.5 percent.

As demand continues to outpace supply, competition for qualified candidates is soaring. Hiring quickly to prevent losing out on qualified candidates to competitors has become a necessity. However, without the right processes in place, it is difficult to pull off successfully. In a talent-driven market, companies need to optimize hiring practices to drive growth and profitability.

To effectively reduce the time-to-hire—the number of days from job posting to offer acceptance—companies must implement pre-employment industrial skills tests. Skills testing and automated technology minimize hiring time while helping HR professionals select the most qualified candidates who will reach optimal productivity quickly.

A Key Metric: Time-to-Hire

We have all heard the saying, “hire slow and fire fast.” Well, in today’s race for talent, HR professionals need to throw that saying out the window. Implementing streamlined, data-driven talent acquisition processes speeds the hiring process while increasing the likelihood of choosing the applicant with the skill set best suited for the role.

Why make decreasing time-to-hire a priority?

  1. If you don’t, the competition will take the top talent off the market before you make a hiring decision.
  2. The faster a vacancy is filled, the sooner a department can return to its optimal productivity.
  3. Quick hiring decisions improve the candidate experience. According to The 2018 Talent Board North American Candidate Experience Benchmark Research Report, the top complaint of 26% of candidates surveyed was that the hiring process took too long.
  4. A lengthy hiring process can increase the cost of hiring. A recent report found that the average time-to-hire in the industrial sector is 40 days. Implementing industrial skills tests during the hiring process would lead to a shorter time-to-hire, saving your company time and money.

Automate the Initial Screening

From a pure volume perspective, this year most candidates came from career websites. With sites like Indeed making it easy to instantly apply for jobs, using an automated and efficient process of eliminating applicants who are not committed to finding work with your company is critical to saving time. Pre-employment skills testing creates a shortlist of potential hires quickly because, regardless of the test results, the test-takers have already proven a higher level of commitment to finding employment with your company than their peers.

Not only do skills tests eliminate candidates not genuinely interested in a position, but administering pre-hire assessments is also a fast and effective way of identifying candidates that possess the skills needed to succeed in a role. The assessment experts at eSkill can assist you with implementing job-relevant industrial skills tests with predictive accuracy.

Reduce Subjective Indicators of Fit

Without unbiased predictive indicators of job performance like skills testing, the hiring process is quite subjective. Frequently, the difference between extending an offer or not comes down to personal impressions of interactions with candidates, which say little about how they will perform in the role.

Experience will always hold significant weight in hiring decisions, but it is important not to treat experience as the be-all, end-all. Applicants with relevant experience may not possess the skills needed, while candidates with little experience may have more of the necessary skills than their more experienced peers.

eSkill’s light industrial skills tests provide an objective, quantitative analysis of candidates’ skills that accurately predict on-the-job performance. Identifying candidates who have the skill sets to excel will lead to faster onboarding that will drive productivity.

Develop Targeted Training that Leads to Improved Performance

Whether your hiring needs warrant the use of basic industrial skills tests or in-depth single-subject industrial skills tests, eSkill has the solution. eSkill’s basic industrial skills tests range from assembly technician to warehouse worker, and forklift operator. With a wide selection of in-depth single-subject assessments available, it is easy to combine multiple skills into one test. eSkill’s single-subject skills tests include basic industrial math, workplace safety, mechanical aptitude, warehouse pick and pack skills, reading rulers, unit measurements, and unit conversions.

The assessment experts at eSkill make choosing the ideal skills test or combination of skills tests simple. Test results appear on the hiring team’s dashboard, making it easy to review, share, and analyze scores. Rather than wasting time teaching skills candidates are proficient in, leverage the data collected to create customized onboarding and training. Tailored training will make the transition from new-hire to highly productive employees seamless.

To administer skills tests during the hiring process, they must meet the standards of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). Therefore, the assessments must be both reliable and valid evaluations of candidates’ future job performance. With a nearly 20-year stretch of administering EEOC compliant employment assessments, eSkill has the best record in the employment assessment industry.

To mitigate the impact of the historically low unemployment rates, companies need to ditch outdated hiring processes and implement the use of automated skills testing to decrease the time-to-hire and identify candidates who will reach optimal performance levels faster. eSkill’s assessment experts are available to help your team move towards a more streamlined and accurate candidate selection process.

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