ESkill Top 5 Ways To Increase Placement Rates With Skills Tests

As the coronavirus crisis continues to affect our everyday lives, organizations have no choice but to adapt. Despite the many challenges, however, there are also opportunities to implement positive changes that will last long after the pandemic. The shift to remote hiring processes is one example of a positive transformation in how we recruit talent.

Thanks to online pre employment skills testing, one of the most critical functions of staffing firms—assessing job-seekers capabilities—has shifted from time-consuming to streamlined. Here is a look at five ways staffing firms can increase placement rates with skills tests.

  1. Streamline the Recruitment Process

eSkill’s cloud-based skills tests enable recruiters to track, review, and share applicants’ progress and test results in real-time from anywhere. The user-friendly dashboard gives staffing professionals instant access to detailed scoring reports, data analyses, and advanced automation options.

eSkill’s online pre employment skills testing solution enables talent acquisition professionals to easily configure, administer, and utilize skills tests to make data-driven hiring recommendations. In addition, the eSkill test center integrates wit

  1. Reach More Qualified Talent

While pre employment skills tests that involve endless paperwork have been in the rearview mirror for some time, many staffing firms have not yet realized the benefits of mobile-friendly employment tests. It is no surprise that applicants for executive-level positions will have access to a computer with an internet connection to complete online pre employment tests. Candidates for entry-level positions, however, may lack these modern conveniences. Therefore, selecting an employment testing platform that allows job-seekers to complete skills tests via their mobile phones is extremely important.

Do not let qualified talent slip through the cracks simply because they lack access to technology. When you partner with eSkill, applicants can complete skills tests from any device with an internet connection.

  1. Verify the Exact Skills and Aptitude Needed

Pre employment assessment tests that evaluate the specific skills and competencies required of a position enable staffing firms to hire top talent confidently.

The 2018 Global Assessment Trends Report found 90% of organizations who use pre employment assessments, use job-specific assessments. This finding is not surprising. Selecting applicants with the specific skill needed to succeed in a role not only improves the quality of hire, but it also reduces turnover rates and lowers recruiting costs.

eSkill’s vast library of job-specific and single-subject skills tests enables staffing firms to quickly select or configure pre employment assessment tests to match the requirements of any position in any industry. With various customization options, including the ability to bundle multiple tests, edit questions, and set the difficulty level, eSkill’s user-friendly interface makes creating job-specific assessments simple.

eSkill’s customizable employment tests provide organizations with data-driven insights that streamline the recruitment and selection process, increasing placement rates.

  1. Create a Seamless Screening Process

With unemployment in the United States at the highest rate in decades, recruiters must prepare to receive an overwhelming number of applicants for each position posted. Therefore, developing a systematic and seamless process for screening a large volume of candidates is critical.

When combined with skills tests, eSkill’s on-demand video response interviews enable staffing firms to quickly scale recruitment efforts and improve the quality of hiring recommendations. eSkill’s intuitive platform allows recruiters to rank candidates based on test scores with the click of a button. Recruiters can then automatically send personalized requests to complete the on-demand video interview portion of the screening process to top-ranking candidates only.

Using eSkill’s on-demand interviewing solution, candidates record responses to a set of pre-determined questions. Recruiters can then view, score, and share candidates’ responses at any time and from anywhere. With eSkill’s innovative hiring tools, staffing firms can combine skills tests and on-demand video interviews to create a seamless experience for both recruiters and candidates alike.

  1. Leverage Efficient Communication Tools

Advanced technology has made it easier for staffing professionals to collaborate with clients and momentously improved communication with applicants. eSkill’s pre employment skills testing platform facilitates a streamlined workflow enabling recruiters to access and share candidate test results, interview responses, and detailed score reports easily with colleagues and clients.

With eSkill, staffing firms can easily auto-send personalized communications with applicants based on test results, position, and phase in the recruitment process. Doing so reduces the time recruiters spend on these repetitive tasks and improves the candidate experience. When candidates feel as though you are valuing their time, they are more likely to stay interested in finding employment through your firm.

With staffing firms forced to rapidly pivot to entirely virtual recruitment processes in response to the COVID-19 crisis, talent acquisition professionals can lead the way to a broader digital transformation within their organizations. eSkill’s employment testing tools are a force that can drive recruitment efforts forward, make them scalable, and increase placement rates.

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