With the use of webcams continuing to grow, it is no surprise that video interviewing software is being integrated into the traditional interview process more and more frequently. Best-in-Class companies are 61% more likely to use video tools for interviewing candidates as compared to all others, according to a 2014 study by the Aberdeen Group. Further, the study found that companies that used video interviewing improved their time to hire by 60%. When in place, video talent acquisition solutions are incredibly beneficial and functional for both recruiters and candidates. Therefore, determining the video interviewing platform that is the right fit for your business is vital. For a closer look, we compare eSkill’s video interviewing platform to top competitors.

eSkill’s Video Interviewing Platform

eSkill.com is an easy-to-use, trusted, and comprehensive video interviewing and skills assessment platform.

Creating a video interview is simple. Here is the process:

Hiring teams are able to choose questions from a library or create custom questions for candidates to record responses. Questions can then be scored on criteria the hiring team decides on.

In the planning stage, the eSkill professionals assist hiring teams in determining measurable outcomes, defining the scope, determining roles, and responsibilities for testing, and developing training and assessment strategies. eSkill’s Client Success Managers then focus on identifying job requirements for specific positions and company culture before helping your hiring team build assessments accordingly.

eSkill makes thoroughly evaluating candidates easy. eSkill’s professionals are able to assist hiring teams in creating comprehensive pre-employment assessments by providing the option to combine video interviews with skills tests, behavioral assessments, and job-skill simulations into a seamless candidate experience.

Once the video interview assessment is ready, a link to the video interview is sent to candidates. The potential hires are able to complete the video interview at a time that works best in their schedule. Candidates do not need special software or plugins to complete eSkill’s video interviews. They only need a webcam and an internet connection. After candidates have completed the video interview, the designated hiring team will be notified. The hiring team is then able to view the recorded interview responses at a time that is most convenient for them.

The hiring team can “blindly” grade interview responses according to a customized set of criteria. eSkill’s professionals work with hiring teams to determine the appropriate criteria for this purpose. This grading system results in an efficient, standardized process for comparing and reviewing candidates’ interview responses. After each video interview is completed, the resulting recordings will be immediately available on the eSkill dashboard. eSkill alone lets our clients add Video Interview questions to any of our customizable skills and cognitive assessments for a single candidate evaluation experience and unified scoring in the HR dashboard.

To make sure our clients get the most from our Interview and assessment tools, each eSkill client receives a dedicated, US-based Client Success Manager who provides expert advice on test designs and best practices. eSkill’s customer service support team is available 24/7 to both clients and test-takers. The video interviewing platform seamlessly integrates with most HR and ATS systems, including iCIMS, Taleo TBE/TEE, OutMatch Chequed, SmartRecruiters, Jobvite, HR Smart/Deltek, Zoho, Greenhouse, ADP RM, ADP/ TheRightThing, Success Factors, Talegent Managed, Cornerstone, AkkenCloud, Expr3ss, JobDiva, Workday, Hirelink, HRNX. If integration into an HR or ATS system outside of those previously listed is required, eSkill’s integration team can do so. It is easy to personalize your testing screens by displaying your company logo and color scheme and personalize your assessment invitation emails by setting up and using customizable email invitation templates.

eSkill’s video interviewing platform offers enhanced security with encrypted passwords, roles and permissions, and logging the most critical operations. It is also easy to verify test-takers identification within the test with a video snapshot of a driver’s license or similar government approved ID. eSkill provides a defensible platform, with a 15-year record of Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) compliance. To date, eSkill has not faced any legal challenges due to the administration of pre-employment assessments. With a history of working with businesses of all sizes, from Fortune 500 companies to small privately-owned businesses, eSkill can offer flexible contracts designed to match businesses’ annual skills testing objectives.

I’d add HireVue, the #1 VI vendor, here…also mentioning the difference between their available tests and ours.  I don’t know what they offer, if anything, for skills/cognitive/behavioral tests.

eSkill vs. Spark Hire

While Spark Hire offers video interviews as an assessment tool, its pre-employment testing ends there. Unlike eSkill, Spark Hire does not offer skills testing, behavioral assessments, or simulation tests in conjunction with video interviews. Much like eSkill, the video interviewing platform offers customizable branding, team-scoring, and integration with most ATS systems.

eSkill vs. Montage

Similar to Spark Hire, Montage offers video interviews to its clients, but it does not have an easy solution for integration with skills and behavioral assessments. This inability to easily integrate with skills assessments causes Montage’s clients to have to jump back and forth between software to review complete assessments of candidates. The video interviewing platform is comparable to eSkill in regard to ease of scheduling for candidates, and customer support.

eSkill vs. Jobvite

Jobvite’s video interviewing platform compared to eSkill’s platform is incredibly limited. Jobvite does not have the ability to integrate into multiple ATS systems. Unlike eSkill, Jobvite has been built directly into an ATS, making it only accessible to companies who choose to use that particular ATS system. This is a significant issue for many HR departments, as utilizing Jobvite’s video interviewing platform would require the adoption of an entirely new ATS system. Beyond Jobvite’s limited integration capabilities, it possesses the basic functions of recording candidates’ responses to interview questions and allowing for recruiters to score and save the interview. Jobvite also lacks the ability to integrate with skills testing and behavioral assessments on the same platform.

When considering a video interview platform, it is critical to evaluate the ability to comprehensively assess candidates. eSkill’s library of skills tests, behavioral assessments, and job simulations easily integrate with its video interviewing platform, as well as an exhaustive list of HR and ATS systems. This ability to streamline the hiring process saves recruiters time and money and enables the best hiring decisions possible.

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