A digital marketing company identified a new development opportunity and was looking for a copywriter capable of taking control of all content creation. So, they came up with a test for the job.  The candidates’ task was to write the content marketing plan for the company. Keen to understand how the candidates would approach the task, company asked applicants to prepare a short summary proposal to be evaluated.

Key marketing team members will judge the applicants’ proposals, using a variety of criteria: persuasive language, grammar, marketing skills, communication skills, creative approach and structure of ideas.

Is it possible for the marketing team to evaluate this kind of application in an unbiased and systematic manner?


Introducing team scoring with eSkill

For unbiased, efficient candidate selection


The team scoring component of the eSkill application allows an HR team to “blindly” grade responses according to a customized set of criteria. An HR administrator sets up the entire flow of the evaluation process, assigning different in-house experts to individually assess pertinent responses. Then, the administrator approves the final overall score.

All you need to do is establish a scenario: Identify the evaluation criteria, select your team of reviewers, and send the test to the candidates. Afterwards, your team appraises the responses without any knowledge of who the candidates are. Team members’ judgments are combined to form a comprehensive evaluation of the candidate’s answers.

How it works?

Our innovative team scoring tool allows users to grade open-ended questions. The tool has different user portals, based on the permissions:

  1. Reviews Management Portal – This portal allows an HR administrator to set and manage the entire flow of candidates’ open response submissions and reviewers’ manually scored evaluations before he or she approves a candidate’s final score.
  2. Manual Scoring Portal – This portal offers limited access to assigned reviewers.

Involve Your Team in Your Hiring Decisions with

eSkill Team Scoring

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Adina Miron

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  • Avatar Kristina says:

    I am really excited about this! I’d be curious to see data from companies on blind scoring and the impact it makes on their hiring practices. Thank you for this eSkill!

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