The constant barrage of hurdles organizations worldwide must navigate in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis is far from over. Today’s unceasing evolution of business demands means companies must adapt quickly to remain competitive.

Human resources (HR) professionals have found they can no longer rely on business-as-usual approaches to hiring when the coronavirus pandemic erupted. So, they are turning to technology such as pre-employment testing to screen prospective hires and follow the recommended protocols of a socially distant society.

While companies initially pivoted to “virtual” hiring protocols to maintain physical distancing, employers also realized a financial benefit to tech-driven hiring strategies. In fact, 70% of HR executives surveyed in mid-March of this year reported that using technology more effectively is one of the ways they combat the pandemic’s impact on the bottom line.

eSkill’s pre-employment tests and on-demand video interviewing software provide hiring teams with a thorough, objective, and fast means of identifying top talent. Leveraging virtual pre-employment testing platforms like eSkill enables talent acquisition teams to move from paper-and-pencil candidate assessments to fully automated online evaluations. With eSkill, hiring teams and recruiters can stay connected with job-seekers throughout the entire hiring process and eliminate physical exposure.

Harnessing the Power of Remote Hiring Tools

eSkill’s pre-employment tests provide hiring teams with the quantifiable data needed to make faster and more effective hiring decisions. With its online hiring tools and options for advanced automation, evaluating mass amounts of candidates has never been easier. eSkill’s Employer Dashboard enables hiring teams to customize and administer skills tests and on-demand video interviews remotely. With the most extensive library of skills tests in the HR industry, eSkill enables organizations to configure the ideal pre-employment test for any position.

eSkill’s cloud-based platform also makes it easy to collaborate with the members of your hiring team regardless of their location. On eSkill’s Employer Dashboard, every member of the hiring team can remotely access applicant information, including test status, candidate communications, and detailed Test Score Reports. eSkill’s Test Score Reports detail proficiency level in each topic tested, time to complete the test, global percentile scores, and more. Multiple members of an organization can also view and score on-demand video interviews, and share results.

eSkill’s innovative platform allows organizations to sustain business continuity while maintaining social distancing best practices. Beyond the ability to access eSkill’s tech tools remotely, the software streamlines HR processes. eSkill integrates with your company’s existing ATS system. With a seamlessly integrated system to access and analyze candidate information, your ability to hire quality talent at scale dramatically improves.

Mitigating Bias in the Hiring Process

eSkill’s online pre-employment tests streamline the hiring process and reduce bias. Relying on quantitative, objective data to make informed hiring decisions rather than subjective measures like prior work experience or education credentials enables organizations to select the right people with the right skills for the right positions.

Using less scientific tools like an unstructured, free-flowing interview introduces bias into the decision-making process. In fact, recent research indicates that traditional interviews—subjective and unstructured—are an unreliable means for measuring job-seekers’ potential for success. With eSkill’s on-demand or asynchronous video interviewing software, organizations can adopt a structured interview approach that significantly reduces bias and improves efficiency.

eSkill’s on-demand video interviews are structured because every candidate responds to pre-recorded questions in the same order and the responses are scored on a standardized scale. A structured interview process is the key to creating a more objective interviewing process. More and more organizations are realizing the benefits of video interviews, thanks to the social distancing guidelines brought on by the pandemic. Using a standardized, automated approach like eSkill’s on-demand video interviews is the key to optimizing results.

With eSkill’s video interviewing software, hiring teams can automatically send candidates an email invitation to complete on-demand interviews. Candidates simply click on the link included in the email and record their responses. Hiring teams can then score the responses on eSkill’s user-friendly platform from any remote location.

Since 2020 has been fraught with disruption and volatility, it has pushed HR executives to reimagine traditional operational models. As you begin to grapple with recovery, it is critical to redefine talent acquisition processes to meet today’s demands. In fact, as the global pandemic continues to change the way businesses operate, the push for remote capabilities will improve HR processes.

By leveraging eSkill’s online pre-employment testing and video interview capabilities, hiring teams and recruiters can easily capture the right data to make the right hiring decisions from anywhere and at any time. eSkill’s innovative hiring tech tools enable companies to develop and execute a modern and cautious approach to hiring.

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