Skills tests help eliminate candidates who are unqualified for positions despite what they may list on their resumes.

A pre-employment skills assessment test can help you measure a candidate’s competency for specific jobs and overall job fit.

Skills testing provides a variety of benefits for your business:

  • An objective measurement of skills
  • Improves time-to-hire
  • Aids in compliance with hiring laws
  • Enables remote hiring (if necessary)
  • Improves jobs satisfaction upon hiring
  • Reduces employee turnover

Hiring mistakes are expensive. The U.S. Department of Labor reports that the cost of a hiring mistake is at least 30% of an employee’s first-year compensation, and can have long-term ramifications. That is a major reason that 90% of large companies use skills testing in their hiring process.

However, companies are unique, and so are jobs within an organization. How do you choose the best pre-employment skills assessment test for your job candidates?

Which Skills Testing Is Right for My Business?

When it comes to choosing which type of skills test is appropriate for a candidate, it depends on the skills required and the specific job. You cannot afford to rely on a one-size-fits-all testing solution.

You need to test for job skills and employee job fit. Each of these components may be different even within the same company. Here is what you need to know to select the right skills test for your business.

Testing for Job Skills

With eSkill, you can choose from more than 5,000 subject-based or job-based tests. For example, web developers can be testing on nearly 100 different development platforms and 30 job-specific categories. These tests can be standalone or combined with any other skills test.

Cognitive testing can probe for general skills, such as verbal reasoning and logical thinking, or assess job-specific requirements, such as a particular version of software or subject matter expertise.

Testing for Job Fit

Behavioral testing helps you identify if candidates have the soft skills and work style to fit with the company culture.

Human resources (HR) professionals now say that soft skills, such as communication, teamwork, and problem-solving, are as important or more important than technical skills. Forty-five percent of HR experts surveyed said soft skills and job fit are their top priority when recruiting, followed by computer, web, and job-specific skills.

Job fit is one of the most important indicators of success in the workplace. Poor job fit causes stress for employees and employers and is one of the top reasons people quit. Finding out whether someone is a good fit for your job before investing in onboarding and training is essential.

eSkill allows you to test for job fit, job-specific skills, and competencies within one easy-to-use platform.

Customizing Skills Tests

The right skills test will be designed to capture the information you need to assess candidates. With eSkill, you can customize tests in a variety of ways.

  • Customize templates
    After choosing from any of the standardized job-based and subject-based pre-employment Skills Tests, 600 modular subjects, or 5,000, you can easily edit templates to create a customized version.
  • Combine modules
    You can merge multiple skills modules into one skills assessment test.
  • Add additional questions
    Add, edit, or bulk upload your questions within the platform.
  • Set difficult levels
    Depending on the job and role, candidates may need different levels of knowledge and competency. You can customize skills testing by choosing beginner, intermediate, or advanced questions.

Download our Buyer’s Guide, “What You Need to Know About Talent Assessment Platforms,” and use the checklist to choose the solutions that best meet your needs.

Make the Best Hires for Your Organization

When you get the right person in the right role, it makes a significant difference.

When employees are engaged, productivity soars. A Gallup survey of businesses showed highly engaged businesses improve productivity by 17% and reduce absenteeism and turnover. Also, companies with highly engaged employees average a 20% increase in sales and 21% greater profitability than their peers.

Skills testing gives you a way to know candidates better before you hire them and increase your chance of finding the right candidate with the skills to do the job that will fit with your company culture. Contact eSkill today to request a demo.

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