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Hiring can often feel like a guessing game, especially if a resume and interview are the only clues you have to determine a candidate’s fit for a position. Pre-employment assessments are becoming commonplace in the world of hiring, easing the burden of filtering through stacks of resumes. A 2017 study by Aberdeen found that 85% of Best-in-Class organizations used pre-employment assessments as an integral part of the recruitment process. The use of pre-hire assessments does not stop there. They are used extensively, across a wide range of industries, to measure candidates’ abilities and job fit.

We recommend that behavioral assessments are combined with skills tests to create a comprehensive pre-employment candidate evaluation. Analysis of job requirements quickly reveals the reality that the necessary criteria to succeed in any position is not limited to cognitive ability and hard skills, such as computer programming or technical aptitude.  Behaviors, temperaments, and personality traits combined with hard skills need to be assessed to see a more comprehensive picture of how they will perform on the job.

To accurately assess candidates’ capabilities and potential, it is best to take an integrated approach to pre-employment screening. Both skills and behavioral assessments are needed to: predict how candidates’ will perform once they are hired, assess for cultural fit, and reduce hiring costs. This comprehensive approach is particularly helpful in mitigating the risk of making hiring mistakes.

eSkill’s behavioral hiring assessments and skill tests measure candidates’ and employees’ emotional intelligence, as well as cognitive ability and job-based knowledge. Utilizing eSkill’s pre-employment assessments makes vetting a natural process, reducing the amount of time needed during the hiring process and increasing the overall retention rate of valuable human capital.

Future Performance

Prospective employees’ future job performance is most effectively gauged when a multi-measure tool takes into account personality, cognitive ability, and interests. These types of assessments are more reliable at predicting long-term performance since they measure traits like intelligence and temperament, which remain relatively stable throughout a person’s life.

With required skill sets and emotional intelligence varying from job to job, as well as across industries, the use of eSkill’s pre-employment tests that combine emotional intelligence and cognitive ability are simplifying recruitment. Beyond qualifying and disqualifying potential employees, results and analytics have a track record of predicting employee longevity. eSkill’s cognitive and behavioral assessment tests are reliable and valid indicators of the likelihood employees will be successful in job roles for an extensive amount of time.

Cultural Fit

Making a strategic hiring decision would not be possible without first considering an applicants’ cultural fit. Cultural fit is defined as an employee’s ability to align with a company’s mission, principles, and values. Vivian Maza, Ultimate Software’s chief people officer, is a key driver of Ultimate’s unique and highly recognized company culture. Maza had this to say about hiring for a cultural fit, “In our view, we can always provide the resources and tools to help employees get better at their jobs, but we can’t teach someone to align with our cultural values.” Since it is not possible to teach someone to align with a company’s culture; it is critical to identify candidates who already possess the necessary values, attitudes, and priorities.

When you make a hiring decision, you want the newly employed individual to be a long-lasting, valuable member of your organization. Behavior and temperament play a significant role in determining if a potential new hire will work well with an organization’s unique culture and values. eSkill makes assessing candidates’ cultural fit possible with assessments that measure core behavioral preferences and interests.

Automated Efficiency

According to a study conducted by Glassdoor, it takes an average of 52 days to fill an open position. Not surprisingly, the hiring process can be time-consuming and even costly. Utilizing the data derived from eSkill’s behavioral assessments and skills tests makes it simple to quickly and accurately make hiring decisions.

A 2017 study from the University of Toronto shared that employees hired based on the algorithmic recommendations of pre-hire assessments held their job positions for 15% longer than people who were hired without assessments.

With eSkill’s behavioral and skills assessments, you will be able to review and compare candidates’ results easily to ensure you are making the best hiring decision possible, increasing your employee retention rate.

eSkill’s behavior assessments and skills tests are a reliable and valid method of measuring the required skills and characteristics of potential new hires. With a nearly 20-year record of Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) compliance, eSkill provides a defensible assessment platform. Improve your candidate sourcing with eSkill’s integrated skills and behavioral assessments, simplifying the hiring process, and increasing employee retention.

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