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The term “frontline worker” is a broad description that applies to employees that range from sanitation workers and grocery store cashiers to workers in the healthcare and communications industries. The definition encompasses a lot of people. However, according to the Center for Economic and Policy Research, the healthcare industry employs the most frontline workers by far, with more than 16 million of 31.5 million all frontline workers in the United States.

To find the best candidates for these jobs, companies need to take advantage of tools that are available to evaluate potential employees before making hiring decisions. One of these tools is eSkill’s Talent Assessment PlatformTM, which gives employers access to a library of more than 800 skills tests from typing skills tests to specialized technical aptitude assessments.

You should use Microsoft Office skills tests to find the best possible candidates for all your open positions. According to CNBC, experience with Microsoft Office is one of the most in-demand skills for frontline workers. By using eSkill’s Microsoft Office skills tests, you can ensure that employees have the abilities they will need to succeed in their new positions. This is only one example. Let us take a deeper look at the ways that skills tests can enhance your hiring practices for frontline staff.

Necessary Job Skills for Your Frontline Workers

Many skills are important for your frontline staff and Microsoft Office skills tests are a great example. CCI Consulting, a staffing firm in New Orleans, decided to move away from manual skills testing and implemented eSkill’s Talent Assessment PlatformTM. Their HR professionals were able to create customized evaluation tools such as Outlook and Excel skills tests, which gave them a clear sense of which candidates had the necessary skills and helped to ensure that they found the best Job Fit possible.

In addition to MS Office, frontline workers often need other technical skills. Typing skills tests help determine whether an employee can type quickly with minimal errors, an important part of maintaining productivity. Companies can also use clerical skills tests to assess abilities such as basic math, administrative abilities, and data entry.

Improve Hiring and Training with Basic Office Skills Tests

Good office skills are indispensable when it comes to hiring frontline workers. With basic office skills testing, you can quickly and easily identify the candidates that meet the requirements of any job.

However, it is not always as simple as just looking at the final score on an assessment. The best skill assessment platforms provide additional details about candidates.

Every eSkill test generates a detailed report that notes which questions a candidate got correct and which ones they got wrong. Every question is labeled with a difficulty level. You can also set difficulty ratings when building your own customized skills test that incorporates your own material. By using these metrics, you may find hidden potential by identifying candidates who did not score as well as you might have hoped, but who have mastered more difficult concepts.

There are many types of skills tests available. For example, to test Excel skills, you can build a simulation that requires candidates to perform tasks they would be required to perform on the job. Not only can you see the end result, but you can evaluate the process they followed to get valuable insight into the way they think and operate.

Skills tests can even be used as a part of your company’s ongoing training program. Each skills test creates a baseline for an employee that serves as a benchmark that can be used to measure progress. You can identify employees that have mastered basic office skills but would benefit from learning more advanced skills. You can also use future testing to review how well your employees are progressing in their training.

Whether you use skills tests to make good hiring decisions or to help your workforce develop new skills, eSkill provides a flexible, easy-to-use platform for all of your skills testing needs.

Frontline Workers and Workplace Culture

When your frontline workers are successful, it improves productivity throughout your entire company. As the public-facing part of your business, customer interactions go a long way toward improving your brand image. The more positive these interactions are, the more your company will benefit.

With the right Job Fit, your employees are more likely to be successful in their jobs, which ultimately leads them to be more productive. With the right basic skills, you can create a thriving workplace environment from the ground up.

Interested in Using Basic Office Skills Tests to Find More Successful Frontline Workers?

With skills testing, making the right hiring decisions is easier than ever before. Learn how eSkill’s Talent Assessment PlatformTM can help you hire the best candidates for frontline positions. Request a demo today.

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