What You Should Look for in a Soft Skills Test for Hiring and Training

The evolution of technology is constantly reshaping the technical skills that top companies seek. However, the need for soft skills such as emotional intelligence, creativity, and strategic thinking remains constant. Determining whether an individual has the necessary soft skills to be successful in a job is challenging. However, it is important because an error in […]

How One Way Video Interviews Are Used in Hiring

Companies readily acknowledge the power of information technology tools for reaching business goals because they optimize work processes and help employees meet management objectives. As a talent acquisition professional, your primary goal is to select the best-qualified candidates. To do this efficiently, you need to eliminate unqualified applicants as early as possible in the hiring […]

Reduction in Force: Compassionate Downsizing Using Skills Tests

Soaring financial markets and steady job growth have fueled the U.S. economic expansion over the past decade. However, today, with the Coronavirus Pandemic, the rapid market decline is heightening fears that the longest sustained economic expansion in U.S. history may come to an abrupt halt, just a few weeks after unemployment stood at a half-century […]

Why Employment Tests are Critical for Hiring & Training

To say we are in a tight labor market is an understatement. In January, the U.S. created a robust 225,000 new jobs, a marked acceleration from last fall and summer. The unemployment rate, meanwhile, edged up only slightly to 3.6 percent from a 50-year low of 3.5 percent, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. […]

Why Customer Service Assessments Mean Better Hires

It wasn’t too long ago that most businesses believed that the answer to winning customers was in the quality of the service or product they deliver. That is no longer the case. Now, an even more influential success factor has emerged: the customer experience (CX). According to companies surveyed by Adobe and Econsultancy in their […]

Coronavirus Prevention: Adapting to a Changing Employment Landscape

The focus on coronavirus prevention is disrupting hiring practices and work environments at businesses of all sizes and in every industry. In the interest of keeping employees healthy and conducting business as usual, online work from home has become the new norm. Whether you’re continuing to hire full-time staff or need a sudden influx of […]

The Best Ways to Use Personality Tests for Employment

Losing just one employee can have a negative impact on an organization. When companies lose an employee, they lose experience that is difficult to replace as well as the time they invested in recruiting, onboarding, and training. Productivity declines and engagement and morale take a hit across the wider workforce when companies are left understaffed. […]

How to Use Sales Skills Tests for Training

Maintaining a competitive advantage is essential in today’s highly challenging business environment. A strong sales team helps companies to stay ahead of the game. And top companies understand that effective training is vital to empowering sales reps and boosting productivity. A recent study conducted by Salesforce found that eight out of 10 high-performing sales teams […]

How Top Companies Use Employment Testing for Better Results

We are in the midst of a workforce revolution. Globalization and technology that is evolving at an exponential rate and historically low unemployment rates are forcing companies to reconsider their approach to talent acquisition and management. Individuals with capabilities that allow them to keep up with this rapid pace of change, such as problem-solving and […]

How to Use Sales Skills Tests to Hire Rockstar Sales Reps

Are you trying to build a world-class team that can convert high-value leads to sales? With unemployment at historic lows and less than a quarter of salespeople exceeding their quota last year, companies need to use more than traditional measures such as work history and education credentials to evaluate the likelihood of candidates’ success on […]

How to Use Employment Personality Tests to Hire Better Employees

Finding new talent in a saturated labor market is a risky investment for any company. The first step toward making better hires and increasing employee retention is to ensure candidates are the right fit for the job. This is why top companies use pre-employment assessments to mitigate the risk of hiring mistakes. eSkill’s employment personality […]

How to Test Customer Service Skills

Hiring and retaining talent with the ability to succeed in customer-facing roles is more important today than ever before. A Walker study, Customer’s 2020: A Progress Report, found that by the end of 2020, customer experience will rise above price and product as the key brand differentiator. To remain competitive, companies need to invest employees who can […]
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