What is a Video Interview & Why Are Companies Using Them?

The quest for talent is ever-changing, especially in a world with new technology emerging seemingly monthly. One way technology is infiltrating the traditional interview is with video. According to a 2018 survey of members of the Institute of Student Employers (ISE), 49% of companies now employ video interviews. So you may be asking – what […]

How to Test Staff with Customer Service Simulation Tests

More companies realize the value of investing in customer service. A 2017 American Express study found that 68% of consumers said that a friendly representative was critical to their recent positive customer service experiences, and 62% said that a representative’s knowledge or resourcefulness was essential. These statistics are not shocking, as human to human interactions […]

Top Hiring Assessments for Customer Service Jobs

Customer service is not only about being pleasant to your customers — it is a vital component of business operations that can affect profitability and impact companies’ reputations. Customer service is of critical importance to every business in every industry because it is key to retaining and attracting new customers. By providing excellent customer service, […]

Your eSkill CSM Turned Blogger: Pick your Poison

Dear Clients, September usually signals the beginning of Fall, but it is still close to 100 degrees in Texas with no end in sight. I could not even escape it while in North Carolina this week for a golf trip. Just brutal. Speaking of which, I hope everyone on the East Coast is staying safe […]

How Customer Service Skills Tests Help in Hiring and Training

In recent years, the customer service landscape has changed dramatically. Now more than ever, with the prevalence of social media, online reviews, and higher expectations for customer service in general, hiring the right customer service representatives is key to businesses’ sustained growth and success. In fact, a 2017 American Express study found that 68% of […]

How to Assess Customer Service Skills During the Hiring Process

Business and customers engage differently today than just a few years ago. Previously, customers wanted low prices and high quality. Customer service was typically accessed through 1-800 telephone lines or in-person at a brick-and-mortar store. Today, the customer’s experience is at the forefront, with consumers becoming more demanding and discerning. Thanks to the ease of […]

Tips for Recruiting Top Government Workers with Skills Tests

The private sector is leading the way in workforce recruitment, while the public sector has been left in the dust for some time. Private sector organizations are automating tedious tasks and actively recruiting talent. The private sector continues to evolve, while the public sector, for the most part, has not. Most Government agencies are still […]

Basic Office and Computer Skills Tests for Government Staffing

In today’s world, technology is continually evolving and changing the way employees in all fields complete their work. It is extremely important that organizations accurately determine a potential hires ability to perform tasks effectively, and the public sector is no exception. Local, state and federal government agencies require individualized staffing solutions based on their unique […]

How to Leverage Office Skills Tests in Government Recruiting

For Government recruiters, attracting top talent can be a challenging task. With out-of-date recruiting techniques, most public sector recruiters are looking for the golden ticket:  qualified, skilled employees who want to serve the greater good while accepting lower salaries than in the private sector. Other recruiting challenges present themselves in the public sector as well. […]

The New Rivalry: Millennials vs Corporate America

We are all familiar with rivalries…Republicans vs Democrats. Texas vs Oklahoma. Yankees vs Red Sox. However, a new rivalry has emerged in the last decade that is causing major problems: Millennials vs Corporate America. Business owners, managers, and recruiters love to express their disdain with Millennials in the work force while Millennials love to roll […]

How Public Institutions Are Using Pre-Employment Assessments to Improve Hiring Outcomes

Public employers face unique challenges in recruiting and retention. With an aging workforce, outdated processes, tights budgets, and skills shortages, public recruiters confront an uphill battle in attracting talent. According to a recent study by the Center for State and Local Government Excellence, the top issue facing public organizations is “recruitment and retention of qualified […]

Government Staffing Agencies: Tips for Using Skills Tests to Hire Faster

Advanced automation and cognitive technology are changing the hiring process for the better. Staffing agencies around the world now recognize how pre-employment skills tests can save valuable recruiting dollars and advance productivity. These pre-hire skill tests enable the hiring of employees that will create more value for constituents and enhance their professional satisfaction, increasing the […]
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