What to Look for in Skills Tests for Call Centers

Call centers come in various shapes and sizes, and most of what call center employees do depends on the company where they work. Healthcare call centers, for instance, tend to focus on customer service and handling questions about billing and insurance. On the other hand, sales teams may focus more on outbound calls, placing equal […]

How to Conduct a Remote Interview with Video Response Questions for Skills Tests

Considering the challenges that companies faced during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is no wonder that many of them had to adapt how they do business. For instance, according to Gartner, 86% of companies shifted to remote interviews when hiring candidates during the pandemic. However, while executives made many of these changes under duress, companies found […]

Call Centers: How to Make Sure Your Agents Have the Right Customer Service Skills

It is no surprise that customer service is important in satisfying customers and making them loyal to your brand. However, knowing what goes into providing excellent customer service can be challenging at times, especially in light of advances in technology. For almost 80% of consumers, the most important elements of customer service are speed and […]

Best Interview Questions to Ask Candidates and How to Interview Remote Candidates

Thanks to advances in technology, remote work is now much more convenient than ever. With sophisticated applications and devices, workers can keep in touch with the office from locations worldwide. PwC reports that 83% of employers feel the transition to remote work during the pandemic was successful, and many executives are likely to continue utilizing […]

Call Centers: How to Test for Sales Skills Before You Hire

Filling an open position can be an expensive process, with the Society for Human Resource Management estimating that it takes an average of 42 days and $4,000 to make a hire. But that number pales compared to the potential costs of replacing a bad hire, which the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates at around 30% […]

How Call Center Skills Tests Help You Hire for the Best Listening and Computer Skills

With much of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic behind us, companies are continuing to adapt to a changing marketplace. According to Bloomberg, nearly 70% of companies around the globe are unable to fill roles in their ranks. While businesses are offering incentives and improving professional development opportunities, these efforts are not helping them find […]

Types of Behavioral Assessments Used in Hiring

When it comes to hiring the right person, companies need to gather as much information as possible. While hard skills like math and technology tend to dominate recruiter thinking, soft skills can determine whether a new hire will be successful. According to a LinkedIn report, 92% of HR professionals responded that soft skills are at […]

Manufacturing Recruiting: How to Measure Hard Skills for Better Hires

Candidates who can promptly respond to interview questions and exhibit strong interpersonal skills are certainly appealing during the hiring process. But being a strong interviewee does not guarantee that a candidate will perform their job according to expectations. This disconnect is especially true when you are seeking candidates to fill roles within the manufacturing industry. […]

What Is a Behavioral Assessment?

HR professionals are always looking for ways to improve the hiring process. Whether it is cutting the average time to hire or enhancing the chances of bringing the right person on board, companies need to be aware of all available tools to make hiring more efficient and effective. Some of the most valuable tools you […]

Manufacturing Aptitude Tests Assess Manufacturing Engineer and Manager Skills

According to ResumeLab, 67% of recruiters consider a lack of quality and skill to present the most significant hiring challenge. This lack is due to a large employee skills gap and an increasing reliance on technology for manufacturing processes. While some employers have responded by relaxing their hiring protocols, it is important to note that […]
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