Why Companies Are Using Digital Credentialing to Implement Skills-Based Hiring Strategies

Why Companies Are Using Digital Credentialing to Implement Skills-Based Hiring Strategies During the past decade, digital credentialing tools such as skills and employment assessments have become increasingly popular in hiring, employee education, and workforce development. Industry experts report that over 75% of organizations use skills testing or employment assessments to evaluate applicants, create and manage […]

Top Manufacturing Skills Tests Used by Growing Companies

The prospect of expanding your manufacturing company can be exhilarating. Growth is exciting, whether your expansion involves adding to your existing facility, purchasing a new building in another region, or merging with another manufacturing business. However, growing your business also entails overcoming several significant challenges. Some of these hurdles include reorganizing your infrastructure, maintaining clear […]

How to Test Skills for Maintenance Workers in Education

Suppose that you are involved in the hiring process for your educational institution. In that case, you are undoubtedly aware of just how hard it is to find quality candidates for vacant positions, especially in the maintenance department. However, you may not be aware of just how severe the situation has become. According to Industry […]

Top Administrative and Clerical Skills Tests for Education

According to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, over 400,000 administrative and clerical workers are employed by school systems throughout the nation. Without these dedicated employees, elementary and secondary schools could not operate efficiently. A talented administrative employee can be a valuable asset to your educational institution. Conversely, hiring the wrong candidate […]

Best Skills Tests for Paraeducators

There are tens of thousands of paraeducators working in schools throughout the United States. These paraeducators are an essential part of the daily operations at any school. They perform tasks such as assisting with classroom management, providing one-on-one instructional guidance, and caring for special needs students. As you know, paraeducators play a key role within […]

Why Aptitude Tests for Manufacturing Jobs Are So Important

In a recent study, researchers predicted that nearly two and a half million manufacturing-related positions would go unfilled over the next ten years. This trend is creating a major skills gap. As a result, manufacturing companies are scrambling to find quality candidates to fill vacancies within their organizations. Unfortunately, this mad dash to hire candidates […]

Manufacturing Skills Shortage? Use Skills Tests to Fill Gaps

While you are likely aware of the growing manufacturing skills gap and shortage of qualified workers, you may not realize just how severe the problem has become. According to The Manufacturing Institute, the U.S. could experience roughly 2.1 million unfilled manufacturing jobs by 2030. Naturally, this manufacturing skills shortage will hurt individual companies and the […]

Use These Manufacturing Skills Tests for Better Hiring and Training

It’s no secret that the manufacturing industry is an integral part of the US economy. Manufacturers account for over one-tenth (11.39%) of the US’s total economic output. By the end of 2018 alone, the manufacturing industry had a total production of $2.33 billion. With the manufacturing industry being such a lucrative market, finding quality candidates […]

How to Test Skills for Education Jobs

Over the last few decades, the administration of skills tests has become an increasingly common practice. Some 68% of employers now use some form of job skill testing. This assessment tool can benefit organizations operating within a wide array of industries, including the education field. By incorporating a skills test for education jobs into your […]

eSkill is Recipient of Brandon Hall Award for Best Advance in Candidate Assessment Technology

North Chelmsford, MA, December 28, 2021 – eSkill, a leading provider of professional skills, behavioral, cognitive, and other talent assessment solutions, today announced that it has received a Bronze Excellence in Technology Award from Brandon Hall Group for Best Advance in Candidate Assessment Technology. Brandon Hall Group is a global professional development company that specializes in providing […]

Hiring Accounting Staff? Use These Accounting and Excel Skills Tests

Despite widespread advancements in technology, hiring new employees continues to be a challenge for organizations across all industries. This difficulty is especially true for the financial sector, as a recent wave of retirements has worsened an already notable talent shortage. As a result, many organizations are scrambling to make offers to prospective candidates quickly before […]

How Pre-Hire Employment Tests Work for Remote Hires

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, many employers were beginning to leverage digital hiring practices and offer more remote working positions. The events of 2020 accelerated this trend, with searches for remote employment opportunities surging 460%. This development is no surprise, as many employees believe that remote work is safer and more convenient. Employers across the […]
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