How to Screen Applicants Using Pre-Employment Tests

Thanks to the tight labor market, recruiting has become a longer and more expensive process. Introducing automation into the hiring process shortens the time it takes to hire and saves your company money. And, businesses have caught on quickly. According to the Talent Board’s 2018 North American Candidate Experience research report, over 71% of organizations now use some […]

How Top Companies Use Computer Skills Assessments in Hiring

By evaluating computer skills, employers can tell a lot about potential candidates, going far beyond the traditional interview in placing the right candidate in the right job. Zappos, Coca-Cola, FedEx, LG, and Paychex are just some of the top companies that choose to use eSkill’s computer skills proficiency tests during the hiring process. While pre-employment […]

Don’t Hire Blind. Use Hiring Assessments to Recruit Better Staff.

While it may be tempting to rely on subjective data such as face-to-face interviews and first impressions to evaluate candidates, it is far from a reliable form of measurement. Resumes have always been considered to be reliable, but they often portray only what candidates want you to see, not an accurate picture of their skills […]

How to Select the Right Employment Assessment Tests

In today’s candidate-driven talent market, quality-of-hire is key. Hiring mistakes are expensive, but there are steps businesses can take to avoid them. Selecting and implementing the right employment assessment tests improves hiring outcomes and decreases the time and money spent on vetting candidates. Choosing the best pre-employment assessment test for your company is never an […]

How Data Entry and Typing Skills Tests Work

Fast and accurate keyboarding skills are a requirement for many jobs. In today’s workplace, it’s no longer just clerical and administrative workers who need keyboarding and data entry skills. Parking attendants use tablets to log cars into databases, and customer service agents use chat software to resolve service requests. It’s indicative of the ever-increasing digitization of jobs. Among […]

Pre-employment Basic Industrial Skills Tests

In 2019, the U.S. unemployment rate dropped to a 50 year low, wavering only slightly from 3.5 percent to 4.0 percent. Meanwhile, the number of jobs in the industrial sector continues to trend up. In November, the industry added more than 8,000 warehousing, and storage jobs and manufacturing employment rose by 54,000, according to the […]

How to Use Grammar Skills Tests To Avoid Mis-Hires

Grammar is not just an important skill for copywriters, editors, and technical writers. Today’s digitized world has brought back the craft of writing, and proper grammar is arguably more important now than ever before. Any grammar or spelling online are visible to a far-reaching audience or, if made in email or private message, may be […]

Use Basic Manufacturing Skills to Make Better Hires

Manufacturing jobs in the U.S. increased by 54,000 in November, climbing from 12,811,000 to 12,865,000, reports the Bureau of Labor Statistics. And according to data compiled by SCORE, almost 90% of U.S. manufacturing companies cannot fill all open positions. Evolving skill sets due to advancing technologies were cited as the top reason for hiring difficulties. As manufacturers […]

Why Medical Terminology Tests Are Important in Hiring

Healthcare terminology provides a standardized “language of medicine” that gives providers and healthcare professionals the ability to document and understand patient care with sufficient clinical specificity. This language helps medical staff communicate more efficiently and streamlines documentation. Recording and deciphering information through medical terminology is essential to every role in the healthcare field, from medical biller […]

How Industrial Skills Tests Speed Hiring and Improve Performance

Over the past two years, the U.S. unemployment rates in the industrial sector have reached record lows, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In November, the unemployment rates of industrial occupations ranged from just 2.7 percent to 3.3 percent, falling below the 50-year record average unemployment rate of 3.5 percent. As demand continues to […]

Top Communication Skills Tests for Healthcare Hiring

Effective communication is critical to patient safety. Both patient–professional communication and communication amongst healthcare teams are fundamental skills in medical practice. Most healthcare professionals know that effective communication is key to mitigating patient risks. Yet, miscommunication continues to plague the healthcare industry. In a 2018 report, communication failures, either between providers and patients or amongst […]

Why Basic Computer Skills Tests are Used in Hiring

In this fast-paced digital world, basic computer skills have almost become synonymous with basic life skills. Practically every business requires employees to have some level of computer knowledge—from word processing to basic point-of-sale systems at retail stores. Even warehouse workers use portable computer devices to check inventory. Today’s technologies require companies to employ staff who […]
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