Academic institutions do their best work when they have a highly skilled support staff to help students succeed. With eSkill’s industry-leading pre-employment tests, finding and hiring the best candidates has never been easier.

Top Skills and Abilities to Look for in Administrative Support Staff in Education

Administrative Skills

Office Management Skills

Basic Computer Skills

Learn how eSkill’s online skills tests can help your institution hire the best administrative and managerial professionals.

Tests You Should Use For Education

Standard Job-Based: Choose from hundreds of standard tests for diverse Academic jobs such as Administrative Assistant, Office Manager, Bookkeeper, Database Developer, and IT Systems Analyst. All tests are editable.

Standard Subject-Based: Customize tests from over 600 modular subjects in areas such as Microsoft Office, IT, Administration, Project Management, and Leadership. Quickly customize tests of any length and combination of subjects.

Over 600 Modular Subjects: Generate a multi-subject test in seconds by hand-picking your favorite topics from subjects like Multitasking, Numerical Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, Business Communications, Data Checking, Logical Thinking and more.

Your Own Content: Create pre-employment assessment tests using your own content and questions with the eSkill Editor and customize tests of any length with questions that cover a variety of subjects.

Why Choose eSkill Assessments

eSkill makes assessing education candidates’ job skills, psychological fit, and interview presentation easy. Have confidence in your hiring decisions and team-building success with eSkill.

eSkill will help your institution hire the most qualified people, more quickly, with defensible compliance.

Select from more than 600 standard tests, or easily customize assessments from thousands of topics relevant to your job or training requirements.

Our job-tailored tests and video interviews will most accurately predict job fit or training needs and do so with maximum legal compliance and time efficiency.

Stanford University, the University of Maryland and Penn Hills School District and hundreds of other educational institutions use eSkill’s pre-employment tests. Learn why.

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"The testing went great! We loved the ability to create our own test from a bank of existing questions. It was a key part of our search process and we found an excellent candidate. As I said, we don’t do searches for technical positions very often, but when we do, eSkill testing will always be a part of it.” Bob Nichols, Associate Director

University of Maryland