From resumes to cover letters and references, healthcare organizations can access multiple sources of information to learn about candidates. However, using these sources of information is incredibly subjective and does little to ensure a candidate can succeed in a role.

On the other hand, healthcare skills tests provide employers with a skills-driven, evidence-based approach to candidate selection that many companies are adopting. In the technology sector, industry giants like IBM, Google, and Apple have dropped degree requirements and shifted to skills-based hiring.

To meet the demands of a changing healthcare landscape, employers must put outdated hiring practices aside and use skills testing to implement an objective, science-backed approach to hiring.

Comprehensive Job-Specific Skills Tests

eSkill’s job-specific healthcare skills tests provide hiring teams with an unbiased and standardized way of collecting data about candidates’ job-relevant competencies. These tests provide a comprehensive evaluation of the skills and aptitude that are required to complete the required tasks for various healthcare jobs. Since the core responsibilities for healthcare positions can vary considerably, eSkill’s in-house experts have developed an extensive inventory of customizable healthcare skills tests.

Here is a look at eSkill’s top three job-specific skills tests for healthcare.

  1. Certified Medical Assistant Skills Test
    eSkill’s certified medical assistant skills tests transform the hiring process by efficiently identifying applicants with the required skills and aptitude to succeed in a position, regardless of work history or certification.
    • This test measures candidates’ ability to: Perform basic medical and technical procedures such as taking and recording patients’ vital signs, sterilizing instruments, administering medications and injections, conducting laboratory tests and procedures, scheduling appointments, and recording information in medical record-keeping systems.
    • Subject areas this test covers include: Basic nursing skills, medical office administration skills, medical terminology, front desk skills, and pharmaceutical terminology.
    • Use this test to assess candidates for the following positions: Medical Office Assistant, Certified Medical Assistant, and Clinical Assistant.
  1. Medical Records Skills Test
    • This test measures candidates’ ability to: Communicate effectively with staff and patients and prepare and maintain accurate medical records.
    • Subject areas this test covers include: medical terminology, medical office administration, customer service, front desk skills, office filing, MS Office skills, and attention to detail.
    • Use this test to assess candidates for the following positions: Medical records technician, Medical Receptionist, Medical Biller, Medical Collector, and Medical Clerk.
  1. Patient Care Assistant Skills Test
    • This test measures candidates’ ability to: Help nursing staff with examinations and patient treatment, and assist patients.
    • Subject areas this test covers include: Nursing skills, first aid, medical terminology, office administration skills, HIPAA – privacy and security standards, and home health aide skills.
    • Use this test to assess candidates for the following positions: Patient Care Aide, Patient Care Assistant, Patient Services Associate, and Patient Assistance Representative.

In-Depth Single-Subject Skills Tests

In addition to comprehensive, job-specific healthcare skills tests, eSkill offers a variety of in-depth single-subject healthcare skills tests. Hiring teams can use them as is or use questions from multiple tests to create a unique test that directly aligns with a position’s requirements.

eSkill’s single-subject skills tests provide employers with quantitative candidate evaluations predictive of future job performance. This is a brief overview of the top four single-subject healthcare skills tests.

  1. Basic Computer Skills Test

With the global Coronavirus pandemic driving a shift to virtual care, basic computer skills are becoming a requirement for a growing number of healthcare industry jobs. eSkill’s Basic Computer Skills test measures candidates’ basic Windows computer knowledge and also covers word processing, keyboard and shortcuts, Internet and email usage and etiquette, and PC hardware.

  1. Medical Terminology Skills Test

An understanding of medical terminology is essential to ensure the entire healthcare staff can communicate effectively. eSkill’s Medical Terminology Skills Tests cover several topics, including the nervous and cardiovascular systems, infectious diseases, and the hematological system.

  1. Medical Billing Skills Test

As the push for digital transformation in the healthcare industry continues, the technical skills required for medical billing are becoming more and more relevant to hiring.

eSkill’s Medical Billing Skills Test measures candidates’ ability to work with patient payments, communicate with patients and insurance companies and navigate relevant computer software. The test covers several subject areas such as medical terminology and coding, accounting and bookkeeping principles, customer service, collections, digital literacy, and legal and ethical concepts.

Benefit from Expert Guidance

eSkill’s dedicated U.S.-based Customer Success Managers assist hiring teams in selecting and configuring skills tests for the healthcare industry to achieve better hiring outcomes. Developing valid measures to evaluate candidates’ fit for job roles is critical to reducing preventable errors amongst staff, decreasing employee turnover, and improving productivity.

eSkill is an industry leader in developing and administering valid and reliable employment skills tests. With a nearly 20-year record free of litigation and in compliance with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s guidelines, eSkill is a trusted pre-employment testing platform.

Improve your hiring process with eSkill’s top healthcare skills tests and find qualified candidates with predictive accuracy.

Interested in Using Skills Tests to Identify Qualified Candidates?

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