High turnover among bank tellers is a significant challenge that human resources (HR) professionals and recruiters face when hiring for this role. That is why so many credit unions use bank teller skills assessment tests when vetting candidates. Bank teller skills tests help ensure candidates have the right skills and aptitude to succeed in a bank teller role. When organizations use skills tests and hire the top 20% of test-takers, they realize 21% higher profitability and 59% less employee turnover, according to Gallop’s research.

eSkill’s customizable Bank Teller Skills Test helps credit union hiring managers take the guesswork out of determining if candidates have the money handling, customer service, and digital literacy skills needed to excel as a bank teller.

Assess the Specific Money Handling Skills Bank Tellers Need

Bank teller money handling skills go beyond handling cash accurately. Bank tellers must assist customers with transactions, including depositing, withdrawing, and transferring accounts, and refer services and products.

eSkill’s Basic Bank Teller Skills Test evaluates candidates’ ability to accurately:

  • Calculate deposits
  • Collect cash and make change
  • Count sums of bills and coins
  • Calculate basic math problems
  • Reconcile and balance cash drawers

eSkill’s Basic Bank Teller Skills Test also measures candidates’:

  • Understanding of compliance requirements, including requirements for cash deposits
  • Ability to securely manage cash
  • Attention to detail, specifically the ability to identify common math and data input errors

When credit unions use eSkill’s Bank Teller Skills Assessment Test, they receive a score report detailing the candidates’ proficiency levels in the exact money handling skills needed to succeed in a bank teller role.

Evaluate Customer Service Skills Specific to Bank Tellers

Not all customer service roles are alike. That is especially true for bank tellers. Bank tellers are responsible for explaining bank products and services to customers, establishing or closing accounts, and much more.

eSkill’s Basic Bank Teller Skills Test evaluates candidates’ general customer service skills, as well as customer service knowledge, skills, and behavioral characteristics specifically required of bank teller positions, including:

  • Knowledge of banking terms and principles needed to communicate effectively with banking customers, for example, understanding the varying aspects of “joint accounts”
  • Ability to recommend specific products to customers based on their unique circumstances, including types of savings accounts
  • Ability to uphold professional ethics while maintaining a kind demeanor, even in stressful situations
  • Ability to maintain a friendly, enthusiastic, and service-oriented attitude while working with a banking customer
  • Knowledge and interpersonal skills to help customers solve financial issues and discrepancies

Using scenarios that mimic real-life banking interactions, eSkill can gauge candidates’ ability to provide superb customer service as a bank teller with accuracy.

Measure Basic Digital Literacy Skills

In today’s digital world, bank tellers rely less on math skills and more on their digital literacy skills to perform tasks on computer programs. Sound digital skills enable bank tellers to work accurately and efficiently.

eSkill’s Bank Teller Skills Test measures candidates’ basic digital literacy skills, including an understanding of computer operations for Windows®. The assessment also includes an MS Office Excel® Simulation that assesses candidates’ ability to manipulate data in a table and use various functions and formulas and an MS Office Word® Simulation that assesses candidates’ ability to format a Word® Document.

With an extensive library of tests, hiring teams can easily combine the Bank Teller Skills Test with job-specific Skills Tests to create a bank teller skills test that is truly reflective of any banking position.

Credit unions commonly combine the Bank Teller Skills Test with the following tests:

  • Financial Statements Skills Test
  • Inbound Call Center Simulation Skills Test
  • Live Chat Operator Skills Test
  • Sales Concepts Skills Test
  • Business Communication Skills Test
  • Critical Thinking and Reasoning Skills Test

eSkill’s dedicated U.S.-based Customer Success Managers provide unlimited support and training, so hiring teams can easily select and configure a banking Skills Test that aligns with any position’s unique requirements. And with nearly two decades free of litigation and in compliance with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s employment testing guidelines, eSkill is a pre-employment testing provider credit unions can trust.

Case Study: Mission Federal Credit Union

Mission Federal Credit Union combined portions of eSkill’s Bank Teller Skills Test, Inbound Call Center Simulation Skills Test, and Financial Customer Service Skills Test to create a 25-question test for evaluating telephone banking consultants. The results of the case study show that individuals who score well on the test can start the position without additional training.

Click here to read the complete case study.

eSkill’s user-friendly pre-employment testing platform gives credit unions the tools to configure job-relevant bank teller skills tests that identify highly skilled candidates.

Interested in Using Bank Teller Skills Assessment Tests?

Learn more about the benefits of using eSkill’s customizable Banking Skills Tests, behavioral assessments, and on-demand video interviewing platform to find qualified candidates quickly.

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