Today, top human resources (HR) professionals are optimizing the recruitment process to identify in-demand skills in the remote workforce. Of increasing importance is the evaluation of candidates’ analytical skills. A new analysis of job-skill data conducted by Pew Research Center found that in a changing U.S. labor market, the importance of analytical skills is on the rise, especially in new and emerging occupations.

Utilizing skills tests, especially analytical skills tests, allows HR professionals to get more nuanced information on what candidates can do today and what they can learn to do tomorrow. The 2018 Global Assessments Trends Report found that 93% of 3,000 HR professionals surveyed reported using assessments for hiring, 84% of which were administered online. The rise of digital skills tests on innovative hiring platforms like eSkill attests to the desire of employers to move beyond traditional screening systems like reviewing resumes and subjective interviews so they can connect remote workers.

Evaluate Remote Workers’ Capability to Work Independently

As employers make skills tests a ubiquitous part of the hiring experience, making talent decisions with more rigor must be a priority. HR professionals need a view of candidates that doesn’t overly rely on “point in time” skills tests. Job-based and technical skill assessments are helpful in matching candidates to tightly defined roles but are less insightful for positions that demand higher conceptual reasoning in a changing environment. Given that analytical thinking is an asset for any career, there is a reason to focus on it.

Companies benefit from employees’ analytical thinking because it leads to critical thinking and more effective problem-solving, which is especially important when hiring remote workers who need to work independently. When telecommuting, people must use analytical abilities to scrutinize communications, reports, diagrams, charts, and graphs, and gather the most relevant information to make well-informed decisions. Employees with strong analytical skills will determine how key pieces of information relate to one another and are more likely to notice details and crucial patterns that lead to productivity.

Evaluate Job-Relevant Analytical Skills

While positions in a variety of fields demand high-level analytical skills to detect patterns, brainstorm, theorize, and make decisions, every position has different demands and requires different levels. Therefore, eSkill offers a variety of analytical skills tests designed to closely align with position requirements across industries.

For more quantitative or math-related roles, eSkill’s Numerical Reasoning Skills Test is ideal. It measures analytical skills and focuses on logic, analysis, and mathematical abilities. eSkill’s Spatial Reasoning Skills Test evaluates the ability to visualize designs and structures and is most relevant for design positions and careers in science and engineering. eSkill also offers a General Reasoning Skills Test that is perfect for evaluating candidates on a wide range of analytical skills, as well as a Verbal Reasoning Skills Test.

While all of eSkill’s cognitive skills tests are validated and provide valuable insight on candidates’ analytical thinking, employers should benchmark the job to truly understand the skills, behaviors, and knowledge needed for superior performance. Delve into talent analytics to understand the needs, profile, and preferences of previously successful hires. Companies can capitalize on their own evidence by evaluating their top-performing employees in existing positions.

Armed with these insights, HR professionals can design a “success profile” for critical roles. When creating position profiles, take into account the tasks, competencies, and cognitive abilities uncovered by the data derived from an internal talent audit. Once ‘success profiles’ are created, employers can use eSkill’s customizable skills tests to create a comprehensive assessment. eSkill offers hundreds of single-subject skills tests and job-specific skills tests that are combinable and editable. In addition, a dedicated U.S.-based Client Success Manager is available to assist in the selection or development of any skills test.

Compare Candidates in a Valid and Reliable Way

eSkill’s employer dashboard is available anywhere and anytime, which allows HR to make informed decisions with data that is intuitive and timely. The employer dashboard displays candidate score profiles that highlight a global percentile for each test, and provide a test score and scores for each category, along with a breakdown of the amount of time spent on each question and the total test.

Top companies are harnessing this data to identify high-potential candidates and make informed and legally-defensible hiring decisions. eSkill boasts the best record of legal compliance in the employment assessment industry with a nearly 20-year record of Equal Employment Opportunity Commission compliance. Ensure your pre-hire assessments are valid and reliable measures of candidate fit by partnering with eSkill, a trusted online platform.

With eSkill’s help, HR professionals can integrate, take advantage of, and analyze data to optimize their talent programs. Employers no longer need to rely on subjective measures when screening remote candidates. eSkill objectively identifies job seekers that have the required analytical skills to excel in remote positions so that companies can hire with confidence.

Interested in Using Analytical Skills Tests for Hiring Remote Workers?

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