When the number of unemployed American workers reached record highs this year during the Coronavirus pandemic, businesses learned how important it was to develop a systematic process they could use to screen and evaluate candidates efficiently. eSkill’s pre-employment skills testing platform enables human resources (HR) professionals to automate and streamline the candidate screening process, which reduces the time it takes to shortlist applicants and select new-hires.

Quickly Identify Candidates with the Skills to Excel as an Administrative Assistant

eSkill offers a variety of “ready-to-use” job-specific pre-employment skills tests that enable employers to quickly evaluate and identify top candidates with the skills, aptitude, and behavioral characteristics that are needed to excel in administrative roles.

Fast-track your applicant evaluation process by using eSkill’s “ready-to-use” job-specific Administrative Assistant Skills Test to: 

  • Evaluate candidates’ ability to efficiently interact with customers on the phone, by email, or in-person, and to perform administrative tasks using various computer applications.
  • Test customer service and call center skills, front desk and event planning abilities, and include an MS Office® simulation to see how candidates will perform on the job.
  • Assess candidates’ business communication, filing, time management, and written and verbal communication skills.

While this off-the-shelf test is ready to administer “as is,” eSkill’s innovative pre-employment skills testing platform allows HR managers to combine tests to create a customized assessment that matches the exact requirements of any position. 

Combine Skills Test for a Comprehensive Evaluation

With hundreds of modular subjects and thousands of sub-topics, it is possible to configure an Administrative Assistant skills test that evaluates specific, required competencies.

Combine any of the following skill-specific pre-employment skills tests with the Administrative Assistant Skills Test to create a comprehensive evaluation:

  • Typing and Data Entry Skills Tests: Specifically designed to measure candidates’ ability to input industry-relevant data accurately and efficiently into appropriate databases. Administer typing tests as stand-alone tests or as a part of a comprehensive evaluation. eSkill’s Typing and Data Entry Tests measure speed and accuracy.
  • Digital Literacy Simulation: This test provides test-takers with an immersive experience that replicates real-life work scenarios. The simulation evaluates candidates’ ability to perform tasks on computers and in an online environment. The test covers several topics, including basic computer operation (Windows 8.1®), email, Internet, social media, and basic computer proficiency.
  • Interpersonal Skills in a School Setting Test: The test covers several topics, including building relationships with community members, communicating with parents, identifying and managing student conflicts, and interacting with coworkers.

Evaluate Specific Job-Relevant Digital Literacy Skills

eSkill offers an extensive selection of digital literacy skills tests relevant to administrative positions in education. From MS Windows® simulations to video conferencing and email etiquette skills tests, eSkill has the tests you need to thoroughly evaluate Administrative Assistant candidates.

Since 77% of mid-level jobs, including Administrative Assistant require proficiency in productivity software, evaluating candidates’ proficiency levels using the exact software type and version used in a position is essential. Choose from eSkill’s large library of productivity software skills tests to quickly gauge candidates’ proficiency levels with required applications.

eSkill’s productivity software skills tests include:

  • MS Office Skills Tests and Simulations from the 2000 version to XP
    • Excel
    • Outlook
    • Word
    • PowerPoint
    • Project
    • Access
  • G Suite (formerly Google Apps) Skills Tests

eSkill’s Digital Literacy Skills Test and simulations evaluate candidates’ fluency levels when navigating and executing work functions in a technology-based workspace, an essential aspect of almost any Administrative Assistant position.

Develop a Streamlined Approach to Hiring

After using pre-employment skills testing during the first stage of the hiring process to create a shortlist of qualified talent, leverage eSkill’s on-demand video interviewing tools to facilitate a structured and objective interviewing process.

On eSkill’s Interviewer Portal, hiring teams can: 

  • Utilize a structured interview framework. Hiring teams record a set of predetermined interview questions and establish a scoring guide for each item. They can use the scoring guide to evaluate responses as well as set criteria for assessing candidates’ responses to limit subjectivity and reduce bias.
  • Leverage the team scoring feature. Organizations can select an in-house ‘administrator’ to oversee the scoring of on-demand video interviews. The administrator assigns members of the hiring team the task of evaluating candidates’ interview responses. After multiple reviewers evaluate a video interview, the administrator can view and approve each reviewer’s scores and calibrate all the results to ensures fair and consistent scoring practices.

Data gleaned from Administrative Assistant skills tests enable organizations to make informed and strategic hiring decisions. Using the results of skills tests and structured on-demand video interviews rather than education credentials or work experience as a proxy for fit enables employers to identify the best Administrative Assistant candidates quickly and effectively.

Interested in Using Skills Tests to Hire Administrative Assistants?

Learn more about the benefits of using eSkill’s customizable pre-employment skills tests and on-demand video interviews to find qualified candidates quickly.

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