In 2019, the U.S. unemployment rate dropped to a 50 year low, wavering only slightly from 3.5 percent to 4.0 percent. Meanwhile, the number of jobs in the industrial sector continues to trend up. In November, the industry added more than 8,000 warehousing, and storage jobs and manufacturing employment rose by 54,000, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

For manufacturing, warehousing, and other industrial markets, the skills shortage is well documented, and it shows no signs of slowing. While years ago, employees were seen as interchangeable, that is no longer the case. It is becoming increasingly important to shift traditional screening processes towards quantifiable measurements of candidates’ skills and aptitude.

In 2020, finding top talent will depend on employers’ ability to automate their hiring processes. Pre-employment skills tests allow hiring managers to quickly and accurately assess the future performance of potential hires. They can reduce the time it takes to make a hiring decision and increase their employee retention rate by using eSkill’s industrial skills tests.

Basic Industrial Skills Tests

eSkill’s selection of light, industrial skills tests objectively collect data about candidates’ competencies associated with essential work activities for a variety of jobs. Since industrial positions can vary considerably, eSkill’s assessment experts have developed an extensive library of job-specific skills tests that can be combined with in-depth single-subject tests to match the requirements of any position. Quickly identify top talent with eSkill’s industrial skills tests.

eSkill’s most popular job-specific industrial skills tests:

  1. eSkill’s Assembly Technician Skills Test
    • This test measures candidates’ ability to: perform the basic functions of assembling mechanical and electrical components by hand or use machines to produce specific products.
    • Subject areas this test covers include assembly skills, mechanical aptitude, data checking, workplace safety, and digital literacy. 
  1. eSkill’s CNC Operator Skills Test
    • This test measures candidates’ ability to: read and interpret engineering drawings, set up and operate CNC machines, and work safely and efficiently.
    • Subject areas this test covers include CNC skills, basic industrial math, basic electronics, workplace safety, and mechanical aptitude. 
  1. eSkill’s Carpenter Skills Test
    • This test measures candidates’ ability to: construct and repair structures made from different types of materials, assemble different pieces, handle framing and interior finish, and use various carpentry tools.
    • Subject areas this test covers include carpentry skills, assembly skills, spatial reasoning, numerical reasoning, and basic industrial math. 
  1. eSkill’s Warehouse Worker Skills Test
    • This test measures candidates’ ability to: accurately select products according to customer order specifications, verify that the correct product is placed in the appropriate pick location, and move items to designated areas manually or with a forklift.
    • Subject areas this test covers include warehouse pick and pack skills, warehousing skills, basic math, English language, and data checking. 
  1. eSkill’s Forklift Operator Skills Test
    • This test measures candidates’ ability to: safely operate a forklift in a production or warehouse environment, transport materials from receiving or production areas to storage or other areas, organize, count, weigh, and secure materials, and perform routine pre- and post-use inspections on forklift equipment.
    • Subject areas this test covers include forklift operation skills, warehouse pick and pack skills, basic math, logical thinking, and mechanical engineering skills. 

Easily combine eSkill’s job-based skills tests with single-subject skills tests to create a comprehensive evaluation of the skills needed for any industrial position. eSkill’s most popular single-subject basic industrial skills tests include: assembly skills, basic industrial math, warehouse pick and pack skills, forklift operation skills, reading rulers, unit measurements, unit conversions, reading charts and tables, workplace safety, mechanical aptitude, plumbing skills, and welding knowledge.

Expert Guidance

Accurately assessing how well-matched a particular candidate is to a job is vital to decreasing employee turnover, improving productivity, and driving growth. eSkill’s Client Success Managers can assist hiring teams in matching skills tests with open positions to create accurate, predictive indicators of candidates’ success in a role.

eSkill is an industry leader in creating reliable and valid pre-employment assessments. With a perfect 15-year record of Equal Employment Opportunity Commission compliance, eSkill offers a defensible, trusted pre-employment testing platform. 

With demand for skilled candidates at an all-time high, companies cannot expect to easily find candidates with required skills from their existing talent pool. Identifying candidates with the potential to learn new skills is key. Understanding candidates’ skills and aptitudes enables organizations to assess the time needed to train individuals for new roles. Employers must use the results of industrial skills tests to create customized training that will move entry-level employees into more skilled positions.

Top companies leverage test results to inform talent development decisions and, ultimately, mitigate the impact of the skills deficit. Identify candidates who have required skill sets efficiently and effectively with eSkill’s pre-employment industrial skills tests.

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