How Microsoft Office Skills Test Help Hire Better

Like most businesses, your company probably relies on the Microsoft Office Suite of products like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to perform mission-critical tasks. If so, implementing Microsoft Office Word skills tests may hold the key to hiring smarter and creating more effective training protocols for your staff.

Below, we provide a comprehensive guide to Microsoft skills assessment tests. We outline what they are, how they can positively impact training and hiring, and how you can begin measuring candidates’ skills with these proven screening protocols.

What Is a Microsoft Skill Assessment Test?

A Microsoft skill assessment test is a type of test known as a “skills test.” Of the seven primary types of pre-employment tests, skills tests are the most commonly used screening instrument.

During a skills test, candidates answer a series of questions on a given topic. As the name suggests, Microsoft Office skills tests focus on Microsoft products like PowerPoint, Excel, and Word.

Each skills test includes various question types and covers multiple topics. You can administer either a generalized skills test that includes questions on all MS Office products or a specialized skills test for a particular application.

In addition to traditional skills tests, eSkill also offers simulation skills tests for Microsoft Office products. These advanced simulators require applicants to perform tasks that mirror real-world work. Examples include setting up spreadsheets, creating custom rules, and managing workbooks.

How Microsoft Word and Excel Skills Tests Lead to Better Hires

Microsoft Word and Excel skills tests resolve one of the most common pain points employers encounter when hiring new staff members: a discrepancy between a candidate’s resume and their actual skillset.

As you have undoubtedly experienced firsthand, some employees may inflate their knowledge or experience with Microsoft Office products to make their resume stand out. It is impossible to confirm an applicant’s proficiency before hiring them without Microsoft skills assessment tests.

Fortunately, skills tests provide your hiring team with measurable data regarding each applicant’s abilities and skills. If a candidate scores well on Microsoft Word and Excel skills tests, your team can focus on recruiting and vetting that applicant. This screening saves time and reduces the number of interviews your hiring staff has to conduct.

In addition, skills tests are an excellent way of reducing unconscious bias in the hiring process. Your hiring team can stop relying on subjective screening practices like resume reviews and interviews. Instead, they can employ fair practices. These practices are defensible should your business be accused of using discriminatory evaluation protocols.

How Microsoft Office Word Skills Tests Improve Training Outcomes

Microsoft skills assessment tests are versatile tools that you can use to hire better and enhance training efficacy. For optimal results, you should deploy skills tests before and after training.

Your staff can precisely identify organizational deficiencies using skills testing during the training development process. They can then create curated training protocols designed to address these specific areas of need. This strategy will narrow the scope of training courses while also allowing you to provide your staff with relevant content that will help them acquire vital new skills.

Microsoft skill assessment tests should be re-administered after your staff completes assigned training courses. This testing will allow you to measure each employee’s level of improvement and determine whether your training efforts were effective.

If most employees demonstrate a notable improvement after training, the program is effective. Conversely, little to no improvement between pre- and post-training testing reveals that your program is ineffective.

Administering pre- and post-training tests is essential for getting the most out of your training program.

Which Microsoft Word and Excel Skills Tests Are Most Effective?

While eSkill offers many excellent Microsoft Word and Excel skills tests, a few tend to be most popular among employers. For instance, Excel Simulation covers various topics like customizing spreadsheets, formatting, functions, formulas, and managing workbooks. This immersive simulator is one of the most effective ways of measuring a candidate’s proficiency in the spreadsheet application.

The Microsoft Office Word Skills Test is another highly effective screening tool for pre-employment and training. This skills test includes 40 questions of various types, including multiple-choice and true/false. It covers essential topics like setting up new documents, inserting objects, proofreading features, and documenting formatting.

In addition to these pre-built skills tests, eSkill’s platform allows you to build custom skills tests to meet the unique needs of your business.

Microsoft Word Skills Assessments from eSkill

eSkill provides our clients with access to expertly-crafted Microsoft Word skills assessments and other Microsoft Office skills tests that can improve both pre-employment screening and training processes.

Are you ready to take advantage of the benefits that Microsoft skills assessment tests offer? Contact us to request a demo.

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