Deeply embedded in the credit union tradition is an ongoing search to better understand and serve credit union members. And just like many client-facing organizations today, credit unions are currently facing a dramatic shift in how to manage their workforce best so they can deliver more value to their members. Support your transforming talent management objectives by taking the time to reevaluate the skills, behavioral characteristics, and knowledge required for each job in your organization.

Rewrite Your Job Descriptions

Attracting, hiring, and retaining the right talent begins with the right job description. Begin the process of rewriting job descriptions by conducting a job analysis for each position. Simply put, a job analysis is the process of identifying the responsibilities and tasks of a job and the skills, aptitude, and knowledge necessary to compete with them. To obtain this information, interview employees currently holding the position and their supervisors, review the existing job description, look over performance review criteria, and shadow employees.

After conducting a job analysis, write the job description to include the exact skills, behavioral characteristics, and knowledge required to successfully perform the job. Below is a look at the top skills credit union employees need, especially as we navigate remote working arrangements during a time of uncertainty.

  1. Digital Literacy Skills

As with most industries, today’s rapid digital transformation has made technology skills a must for credit union employees. From making deposits in members’ accounts to communicating with stakeholders and searching for account information, just about every task performed requires workers to possess digital literacy skills. Not surprisingly, more than 80% of U.S. jobs require foundational digital skills like MS Excel®.

eSkill’s pre-employment testing platform has a wide variety of subject-based skills tests that enable hiring teams to test the exact digital literacy skills needed for any role in a credit union. eSkill’s top digital literacy skills tests for credit union employees include:

  • Live Chat Operator Skills Test
  • Cybersecurity Awareness Skills Test
  • Basic Digital Literacy Skills Test
  • Data Entry Timed Typing Test
  • Financial Timed Typing Test
  • 10-Key Data Entry Timed Typing Test
  • MS Office® Simulations (available in basic, intermediate, and advanced versions)
  • Video Conferencing Communication Skills Test
  1. Customer Service and Sales Skills

When we imagine the banking industry’s future, it is easy to picture a place with more machines and fewer humans. But while technological advancements do offer intelligent automation opportunities, at the end of the day, banking is a human-to-human industry. Relationship banking in 2021 may rely more heavily on videoconferencing software or other remote capabilities. However, a human with superior customer service and sales skills is still needed to seal deals and drive revenue growth.

Employees of a credit union need exceptional customer service and sales skills to build trust and lasting relationships with members. eSkill’s Financial Customer Service Skills Test evaluates candidates’ ability to maintain a positive attitude and deliver exceptional customer service for a financial institution. The test includes customer service scenarios that require test-takers to know common financial operations and issues as well.

Additional customer service and sales Skills Tests for the banking industry include:

  • Salesforce CRM Skills Test
  • MS Dynamics CRM Skills Test
  • Sales Concepts Skills Tests
  • Marketing Concepts Skills Tests
  1. Analytical and Problem-Solving Skills

The banking and financial sector is primarily concerned with risk management. Successful credit union employees excel at managing risk because of their analytical thinking skills. Banking requires incredibly strong problem solving and analytical thinking. Clients value banking professionals for their ability to solve problems, think outside of the box, and predict and avert issues that have not yet materialized.

Evaluate candidates’ analytical and problem-solving skills with eSkill’s Data Analyst Skills Test, Financial Analyst Skills Test, Numerical Reasoning Skills Test, Verbal Reasoning Skills Test, Logical Thinking Skills Test, and more.

Since the required technical skills, cognitive abilities, and emotional intelligence vary from job to job and across credit unions, eSkill Pre-Employment Skills Testing Platform offers nearly 1,000 standardized single-subject and job-specific assessments. These assessments are available to administer “as is” or can be edited for a custom an employment assessment. eSkill’s dedicated U.S.-based Customer Success Managers provide unlimited training and support to employers, making it easy to select or configure Skills Tests that adhere to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s pre-employment testing guidelines.

eSkill’s Pre-Employment Skills Testing Platform saves hiring teams valuable time by ensuring they interview candidates with only the highest potential for success.

Interested in Pre-Employment Testing for Credit Union Jobs?

Learn more about the benefits of using eSkill’s customizable banking skills tests, behavioral assessments, and on-demand video interviewing platform to find qualified candidates quickly.

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