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Pre-Employment Assessments for Staffing Industry

Why Staffing Firms Need Assessments

According to a study conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management ( SHRM)

Nearly 66% of all companies outsource all or some of their recruiting because it enables them to concentrate on core business requirements.

Around 49% of the companies surveyed said the need to hire quickly was the reason they engaged with a staffing agency.

The next leading reason cited by 36% of the companies was they wanted to take advantage of the agency’s recruiting expertise.

Top Skills & Abilities Staffing Professionals Look for in Candidates.

Learn how eSkill’s online skills tests and behavioral assessments can help your firm reduce the costs of evaluations by 70%, reduce the time to hire by 60%, and elevate the candidate experience with engaging, reliable assessments.

Basic Computer Skills

Digital literacy and proficiency with Microsoft Word, Excel & PowerPoint.

Organizational Skills

Good planning, scheduling and multitasking abilities.

Interpersonal Skills

Ability to communicate effectively with customers, partners and team members as well as managers at all company levels.

Recruiting and Pre-Employment Assessments Staffing Firms Should Use For Hiring:

Standard Job-Based Tests: Use our tests for HR Administrator, Office Manager, Customer Care Assistant, Financial Analyst, General Ledger Accountant, or Electrical Engineer, plus many more. All are editable depending on your client’s needs.

Standard Subject-Based Tests: Test candidates for in-depth skills under Microsoft Office, IT, Customer Service, Accounting, and many more. Quickly customize tests of any length and combination of subjects.

Customize From Over 600 Modular Subjects: Generate or hand-build a multi-subject test in seconds by hand-picking your favorite topics and questions from over 5,000 within the library’s subjects.

Upload Your Own Content: Create skills using your content and questions with the eSkill tests Editor and customize tests of any length with questions that cover a variety of subjects.

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Why Choose eSkill Staffing Assessments?

  • eSkill makes testing candidates’ job skills and fit, and interview presentation easy and seamless.
  • eSkill will help you place better-qualified candidates, much faster, with defensible compliance.
  • Select from over 800 standard tests, or easily customize tests from thousands of topics relevant to your job or training requirements.
  • Include Video Interview questions into your assessments for a seamless, complete evaluation experience for the candidate
  • AtWork,, Randstad, and hundreds of other staffing companies use Skill’s pre-employment skills tests. Learn why.

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