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Servcorp Ltd is a multinational organization that leases shared office spaces, executive suites, virtual and coworking spaces, meeting rooms, and IT Services to entrepreneurs, startups, and large enterprises. It was established in 1978 and now has 150 locations in 41 cities across 20 countries in Asia/Pacific, Europe, and the U.S.

The Situation

Servcorp Ltd has grown rapidly since its inception and now has employees worldwide. Since they came from various backgrounds and had different experiences, management knew the HR and training teams needed an easy way to identify global team member capabilities—particularly for receptionists, secretaries, and administrative assistants.

They knew if they had a way to pinpoint skills gaps quickly, they could:

  • Enhance training modules to further team training and development
  • Better manage employee development and training for internal employees
  • Onboard new hires more quickly by focusing on the training they need
  • Find “promotable” and “potentially-promotable” employees and support their growth

The Solution

The HR and training teams knew that for the program to be successful, they had to screen applicants thoroughly during recruiting to ensure they were hiring top-quality candidates. So, they researched assessment solutions that would help them improve overall quality of hire and reduce the number of hiring “mistakes.

When they found the eSkill Talent Assessment Platform, they did not look any further because they knew it was perfect for their needs. It was easy for staff members on both teams to use with minimal guidance. Recruiters and HR managers could select pre-prepared assessments from the eSkill Assessment Library or build custom assessments using questions from skills tests in the eSkiil Assessment Library. The staff also knew they could contact their dedicated Assessment Expert if they had questions, needed help creating skills tests, or wanted to implement strategic hiring or training initiatives.

The Results

Now that the Servcorp Ltd HR and training teams have implemented eSkill, they have found it is much easier to screen candidates and instantly identify the ones they want to move to the next stage of their hiring process. This has helped them improve overall quality of hire.

They have also found that they can proactively manage employee development better. As Training and Development Coordinator Mateja Lukezic explained, “eSkill helps our corporate and global offices assess new hires and current staff so they can identify skills gaps. This helps us support our employees’ career and growth goals so they can succeed in their current roles and grow with the company.

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