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As a direct result of the digital revolution, businesses harvest more data than ever before. For these organizations to leverage all of this information, they must hire data scientists and other analytics professionals. This growing need for these professionals will cause the data science market to grow to over $322.9 billion by 2026.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data supports these projections, specifically expecting the field to experience a job outlook growth of 22% by 2030. The BLS classifies this growth rate as “much faster than average.” While the influx of new data science professionals will help businesses fill important vacancies, those that bring in the most talented applicants will have the edge over their competitors.

To zero in on this top talent, your hiring team must change how it screens candidates by moving toward using the data science skills tests that we have spotlighted below.

What Is a Data Science Online Skill Test?

As the name suggests, a data science skills test is a screening tool used to measure applicants’ abilities. These learned abilities are skills that can be acquired or enhanced through education, training, and on-the-job experience.

Skills tests allow hiring teams to screen candidates more effectively because they do not rely on subjective practices like resume reviews. Instead, they can remotely administer a data science online skill test and determine how well applicants understand a specific subject.

While skills tests can cover several different sub-topics, they are typically subject-specific. There are skills tests for Application Web Development, Hardware Networking DevOps, Database Business Intelligence, and Data Science.

Since skills tests are online, hiring teams can instantly access the results. They can view each applicant’s cumulative score and a subject-specific performance breakdown. Skills tests provide significant insights into a candidate’s measurable talents.

What Are the Top Data Science Skills Assessment Tests?

Many different skills tests fall under the umbrella of “data science.” However, the most popular is the aptly named Data Science skills test. This skills test includes 40 total questions of varying types, such as multiple choice and select-all-that-apply. It covers data science tools, statistical methods, data visualization, mathematical concepts, and data mining.

Another relevant skills test is Data Analytics. This screening tool contains 40 questions in different formats, like the Data Science online skills test. It covers data summary and reporting, data visualization and interpretation, hypothesis testing, statistical modeling, and writing code for data analysis.

In addition to these pre-built skills tests, hiring teams can create their own skills tests from a pool of questions. A subject matter expert (SME) writes every question, with each one independently vetted by at least one other SME. Hiring teams can use these questions to build custom skills tests that better align with the needs of their specific organization.

Why Use Data Science Skills Tests?

Why use data science skills tests before you hire? Simple: because they work.

In all seriousness, skills tests provide detailed insights into each applicant’s relevant job knowledge and abilities. If an applicant has exaggerated the depth of their knowledge or experience, the skills test will reveal this fact. While gifted speakers may be able to shine in an interview setting, only individuals with relevant abilities can pass quality skills tests.

Skills tests provide hiring teams with a means of testing each applicant’s mettle, and these screening tools also reduce the risk of bad hires. Even a single bad hire can cost an organization thousands in lost productivity and wasted recruiting expenses. A bad hire can also ruin the chemistry and morale of existing teams, making the potential downsides even greater. 

Ultimately, skills tests allow your organization to hire faster, smarter, and with more confidence. You can take the guesswork out of hiring and accurately determine which applicants have the skills necessary to succeed within your organization.

How eSkill Can Help

Data science skills assessment tests can help you differentiate average candidates from top talent. However, many organizations hesitate to incorporate data science skills tests into their screening protocols. Creating these skills tests can be time-consuming, expensive, and labor-intensive. Search our massive skills test library to see the range of IT skills tests available.

Every skills test must be created and vetted by subject matter experts to verify that it measures the abilities it purports to gauge. This vetting process is essential, the lack of which could expose your organization to lawsuits and other civil liability.

You do not have to navigate the complexities of creating your own data science skills assessment test. Request a demo to learn how easy it is when you partner with eSkill.

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