ESkill Top Skills Abilities To Look For In Public Sector Employees

Amid the COVID-19 crisis, public sector employees are addressing issues of unprecedented complexity that are more demanding than ever. Careers in government are increasingly underscored with public and political pressure. At the same time, the systems and tools utilized in the public sector are increasingly digital. Workers need the right skills to keep pace.

The State of Colorado, Broward Count, and hundreds of other public sector agencies are using eSkill’s pre-employment skills testing platform to ensure new-hires have the skills, competencies, and behavioral characteristics to succeed.

Here is a look at the top four skills and abilities to look for when screening candidates for careers in the public sector.

  1. Customer Service Skills

Employees who work directly with the public, contractors, or stakeholders at other agencies must have superior customer service skills.

eSkill’s Customer Service Skills Test evaluates:

  • Persuasive speaking skills
  • Effective listening skills
  • Ability to use positive language
  • Patience
  • Empathy
  • Clear communication skills
  • Attentiveness
  • Time management
  • Conflict resolution 

Evaluating candidates’ customer service skills takes the guesswork out of determining if applicants are the right fit for a position in the public sector.

  1. Written and Verbal Communication Skills

One of the most important skills when working with citizens is clear written and verbal communication skills. Building blocks of service and engagement skills include the ability to speak clearly and confidently, use persuasive language, and building a rapport with your audience.

eSkill’s Written and Verbal Communication Skills Tests evaluate:

  • Presentation skills
  • Negotiation skills
  • Awareness of appropriate body language
  • Awareness of appropriate tone to express meaning
  • Writing skills
  • Vocabulary
  • Business etiquette
  • Email etiquette

eSkill’s Written and Verbal Communication Skills Tests evaluate critical competencies required of any position that works directly with the public.

  1. Mechanical Aptitude

Many careers in the public sector require employees to understand and apply mechanical and physical concepts along with industry knowledge and principles to solve problems. Successful completion of tasks in many occupations relies on workers that have a strong mechanical aptitude.

eSkill’s Mechanical Aptitude Skills Test covers many topics, including:

  • Deflections
  • Dynamics
  • Manufacturing
  • Buckling of compressed columns
  • Mechanical properties of materials
  • Structural analysis
  • Power transmission elements

eSkill’s Mechanical Aptitude Skills Test is ideal for any position that requires employees to apply engineering concepts and technical problem-solving abilities.

  1. Digital Literacy Skills

The digital transformation in governments is resulting in an ever-increasing need for workers who have digital literacy skills. The World Economic Forum’s 2020 Jobs of Tomorrow Report predicts that within the next decade, entirely new careers will emerge that require skills and competencies that do not even exist or are not prevalent today. With technology evolving faster than ever before, identifying candidates with digital literacy skills is critical for any public agency.

eSkill’s Digital Literacy Skills Test covers many topics, including:

  • Basic computer operations
  • Knowledge of cybersecurity
  • Using online communication tools
  • Remote working
  • Social media marketing
  • Web search skills
  • Productivity software (MS Office and G Suite)

In today’s world, the ability to navigate technology is quickly becoming one of the most important skills. eSkill’s Digital Literacy Skills Test provides employers with data-driven insights into candidates’ technology skills.

Top Public Sector Job-Specific Skills Tests

In addition to skill-specific pre-employment skills testing, eSkill offers a wide range of job-based tests for the public sector.

eSkill’s Top Job-Based Public Sector Tests:

  • 911 Dispatcher
  • Deputy City Clerk
  • Library Clerk
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Civil Engineer
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Network Engineer
  • Accounting Clerk
  • Financial Analyst
  • Para Educator
  • Outreach Specialist
  • Public Relations Specialist

As a leader amongst hiring assessment companies, eSkill has the most extensive catalog of customizable employment assessment in the industry. With hundreds of job-based skills tests and over 600 skill-specific tests, creating a comprehensive test for any position is possible.

Additional benefits to partnering with eSkill include:

  • eSkill boasts a perfect 16-year record of Equal Employment Opportunity Commission compliance, free of litigation.
  • eSkill has a variety of pre hire assessment tools, including on-demand video interviews and job simulations.
  • eSkill offers every client a dedicated U.S.-based Assessment Experts available to assist you in selecting or customizing the perfect skills tests.

There is real, measurable value in utilizing eSkill’s pre-employment testing platform when hiring. Not only does the use of eSkill’s pre hire assessment tools speed up the hiring process, but they also use objective criteria to identify candidates with the ideal skills and abilities to succeed in a position. When hiring decisions are made using data-driven insights, turnover is reduced and productivity increases.

eSkill stands out amongst hiring assessment companies by easing the most significant challenge hiring teams face—finding employees with the right skill set. Leverage eSkill’s pre hire assessment tools to identify candidates that will make the best hires, quickly and effectively.

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