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Recent reports show that unsuccessful software projects accounted for approximately $260 billion in total losses in 2020 alone. This figure includes projects that are canceled before they are completed, as well as those that are “challenged.” Developers may challenge projects that are over budget. They may also scrap those submitted past set deadlines.

While you are undoubtedly familiar with the cost of bad software development, finding quality candidates who possess the skills you need can be incredibly challenging. This difficulty is due primarily to the ongoing global software developer talent shortage. There are simply not enough talented software developers to fill all the vacant positions, which begs the question, “What can you do to find and acquire top talent?”

The most pragmatic approach is to reevaluate how you screen and hire candidates. Specifically, you should consider incorporating skills tests into your hiring process. Dozens of skills tests are designed to gauge commonly sought-after software development abilities, including ASP.NET.

Businesses across a broad range of industries need developers with ASP.NET skills, as it is one of the most popular web development frameworks on the market. This demand has made developers with ASP.NET knowledge a commodity in our digital society.

Below, we look at ASP.NET MVC skills tests and examine how you can leverage them to enhance your company’s software development capabilities.

What is an ASP.NET MVC Online Skills Test?

Skills tests are used explicitly in screening to gauge an applicant’s knowledge and abilities. These skills tests are most commonly used as a pre-employment screening tool, but they can also be administered to existing employees to establish an aptitude baseline. Skills tests can cover general topics such as Attention to Detail or more job-specific knowledge, like ASP.NET development.

As the name implies, ASP.NET MVC online skills tests are administered remotely via an online testing dashboard. Candidates are provided with unique login credentials, which allow them to access their assigned skills tests. They must complete the skills test within the allotted time.

Once a skills test is submitted, HR personnel can immediately view the results by logging into the dashboard. The dashboard will include the candidate’s overall score and a detailed breakdown of their performance on each topic covered by the skills test.

How ASP.NET MVC Skills Tests Lead to Better Software Development

Now for the important question. How can ASP.NET MVC skills tests pave the way for better software development? Simple — these skills tests allow your team to make smarter hiring decisions.

When screening candidates using traditional vetting processes such as conducting interviews or verifying references, your hiring team gains limited insight into the candidates’ true capabilities. While these tactics allow your team to determine whether an applicant possesses the experience they claim to have, experience does not equate to skill.

Conversely, candidates cannot fake their way through a skills test. If they do not possess the skills and knowledge covered in an individual assessment, they will perform poorly.

Skills tests allow your organization to support its hiring decisions with quantifiable data as an added benefit. This requirement has become increasingly important as businesses strive to make more equitable hiring decisions. Skills tests eliminate subconscious bias from screening and hiring practices because HR personnel make decisions based on data, not perceptions.

What ASP.NET MVC Online Skills Tests Are Available?

Several ASP.NET MVC online skills tests are available for pre-employment screening.

Of these, the most popular is the Active Server Pages.NET skills test. This assessment tool contains 40 questions of various types, including fill in the blank, multiple-choice, select-all-that-apply, and true/false. It covers Programming and Design Architecture, Deployment and Compiling, Caching and Optimization, and Web Controls.

Other ASP.NET skills tests include Active Server Pages.NET 2.0, Active Server Pages.NET 4.7.1, and Active Server Pages 3.0.

In addition to these skills tests, many other software and application development-related assessments are available. Examples include C#, Magento Open Source 2.4.3, Python 3.9.7, and Software Testing.

When incorporating skills tests into your screening protocols, we recommend leveraging multiple assessments so that you can gain comprehensive insights into an applicant’s abilities.

You can also administer a behavioral assessment to glean more detailed insights into an applicant’s job fit. These advanced assessment tools address ten vital personality dimensions and may reveal how an applicant will respond in particular situations.

ASP.NET Skills Testing Solutions from eSkill

If you are ready to streamline your hiring and pave the way for better software development, eSkill can help with our ASP.NET MVC skills tests. Request a demo to see how you can use them to hire top-quality developers.

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