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Prevent Cheating and Ensure Employment Test Results Are Authentic

You use employment tests to determine if an applicant has the skills to do a job. However, the test results are not valid if someone other than the candidate took the test or if cheating is involved. It is also important to note that industry experts are predicting that remote hiring will become the norm, which means in-person, paper-and-pencil testing will be less common.

Including online proctoring in your hiring process is the best way to authenticate test-takers’ identify and prevent cheating. Therefore, eSkill has partnered with ProctorExam to offer employment test proctoring with its pre-employment assessment and skills testing offerings to help clients ensure integrity during the candidate selection and hiring process.

Online proctoring allows you to supervise the employment testing process through video so you can observe candidates as they answer questions. You can observe applicants’ demeanor and character as well as observe their reactions to test questions. It can be set up as a record and review session where an applicant takes a test at his/her convenience or as a live online proctoring session. The only equipment required is a computer or mobile device with an Internet connection, microphone, and webcam. Both offer convenience for candidates as well as scalability, flexibility, and security for organizations.

Why Use Online Employment Test Proctoring?

Discourage Cheating

Observe candidates as they complete pre-employment assessments to ensure their responses are their own.

Set Test Time Limits

See how candidates work and respond in real-life situations so you can predict how they will perform while on-the-job.

Minimize Bias

Evaluate all candidates under the same conditions so you can easily identify those who are the best-qualified.

Avoid Legal Problems

Document test recordings and keep them on file in case you ever need to review them or respond to a legal challenge.

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