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The first step is to create a branded testing center. Then upload and manage assessments so they are easily accessible for administrators and test-takers. We can help you digitize paper-based tests or you can choose from over 800 tests in our Test Library. You can also opt to build your own tests using eSkill Editor.

What makes eSkill the market leader in Test Hosting and Management?

Full Range of Question Types

  • Create multiple-choice, select-all-that-apply, true/false, freeform essay, file upload, typing/data entry, and video response questions in minutes.
  • Your Dedicated Assessment Expert can help you develop interactive questions and simulations.
  • Choose questions from the world’s largest assessment library and add your own questions.

Robust Test Hosting and Test Management features

  • Easily create, re-order, shuffle, or randomly choose questions.
  • Time limit per test and per-question
  • Leverage Team Scoring to rate video response questions.
  • Create professional-quality reports to share with hiring managers and stakeholders.

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Integration Options

Proven History of Global Test Management

Over 15 years of proven testing by organizations worldwide. Millions of test-takers assessed, with zero legal challenges.

Expert Guidance

Expert Guidance

A dedicated testing expert will help you use your eSkill system to upload and manage your test library.

24 Support

24/7 Support

We provide 24/7 live support to ensure your eSkill experience is meeting your needs and your test takers a reliable experience.

Advanced Simulations

Advanced Simulations available

MS Office, Chat, and Multitasking are only a few of the simulations you can use with your own tests. Test takers do not need to download, use Java, or change their browser to take our assessments.

Integration Options

Integration Options

Export candidate and test score data into popular HR/ERP systems and customize your testing portal with your logo and branding.


Testing & Scoring Workflow Automation

Learn how eSkill can help you set up your Test Management portal with each team member easily accessing their assigned roles.

Islam Naguib

Recruitment Officer


"At LG Electronics, we believe that pre-employment assessment is now a must-have to ensure that each shortlisted candidate possesses the required skills necessary for the post. So we researched the various products on the market, and chose eSkill. eSkill is a comparatively powerful assessment tool that helped us in assessing & comparing candidates’ skills to select the best one."

Our Clients

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Customer Success Stories

We did demos with maybe six other companies, and eSkill kept coming to the top, because of the flexibility, the integration into our Taleo application process, and then being able to use it in other areas of the company. Before, we had so many open loops that we couldn’t close because they were out of our control. Now, after integrating our Taleo system with eSkill, we’re able to move into the process immediately and we have scores in hand. It’s a 100% improvement in the time reduction.

Wanda Hatchett

Contact Center Scheduling Coordinator/Recruiter

The testing went great! We loved the ability to create our own test from a bank of existing questions. It was a key part of our search process and we found an excellent candidate. As I said, we don’t do searches for technical positions very often, but when we do, eSkill testing will always be a part of it.

Bob Nichols

Associate Director

Our strategic partnership with eSkill has most helped us in terms of recruitment for jobs which demand very specific and measurable skills, such as that of an IT programmer. The specifically targeted online assessments helped us set up entire teams of professional programmers who have taken our business to the next level and have contributed to establishing long-lasting business relationships with our clients.We found that administering eSkill tests offered all the information we needed when hiring, and was a great economic solution.

Andreea Hrab

HR Director

eSkill provides Service Credit Union the opportunity to test prospective employees’ skills before they are hired or even interviewed. The software is very user friendly, and managers can create tests that meet the needs of their departments or branches.

Johanna L. Montgomery

Manager, Human Resources

Our staffing agency switched from ProveIt to eSkill several months ago and we haven’t looked back since. We have had no technical issues, the software library and customized tests are beyond everything we need, the reporting is extremely comprehensive and most importantly, none of our test takers have complained! The eSkill tests are very user-friendly which has increased compliance drastically. Highly recommended!

Kelli McCallion

Business Development Manager

We are provided with a wealth of varietal testing for any industry we serve. The customization of testing is limitless, allowing us the flexibility to serve our customers’ needs. We highly recommend and stand by eSkill!

Janie O. Mille

Branch Manager/Augusta, HR Consultant

The customer service was a very large part of why we switched to eSkill. From the time we first talked with Kevin Renner, we felt like we mattered. All of the people we have dealt with at eSkill make us feel like we are familiar to them. They recognize who we are and treat as a valued customer. With ProveIt, you get the large call center type service when you call. You’re a number, not a customer.

Janet Bryan

District Manager

We chose eSkill because we felt the various pricing options they presented were very helpful for our “as needed basis” and cadence of using the assessments. We have stayed with eSkill for about four years due to the importance they place on customer service and easy to use product interface. Training new recruiters on how to use the eSkill interface takes minutes.

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Why ESkill

Why eSkill

eSkill provides the most relevant and valid pre-employment assessment tests for skilled jobs.

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How it Works

Small business and enterprise solutions for evaluating candidates’ skills quickly, easily, and accurately.

Our Clients

Our Clients

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