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eSkill Integration Partners

eSkill Solutions and Integrations let you create a pre-employment test and skills gap assessment solution that meets your specific needs.


eSkill can be fully integrated into your existing applicant database, Applicant Tracking System (ATS), or Learning Management System (LMS). Oracle, iCims, Outmatch, Acuity Cloud Solutions, PageUp, SmartRecruiters and Greenhouse are just a few product integration partners.


The eSkill Editor is an application designed to enable custom pre-employment testing. You can author your own questions from scratch, convert paper versions of skills tests into online tests, or edit existing questions to meet your specific testing needs.

Test Hosting & Test Management

Would you like a convenient, secure online platform where you can use all types of assessments such as job skills tests, academic tests, civil service exams, and industry certification exams? You can create them and manage them online securely using our Test Hosting and Test Management Service.


Our online simulations provide efficient, realistic and quantifiable measurements of diverse skill sets by recreating your working environment so you can see how candidates would perform tasks.


Promote your company and your brand by customizing your eSkill Test Center by adding your company’s color scheme, customizing the look and feel and adding your logo.


If you have paper-based in-house assessment or training materials, we can convert your paper tests to online pre-employment assessment tests that can be easily tracked and used within your secure eSkill Test Center.


Pre-employment test validation is a critical part of best practices for employment testing services. Therefore, eSkill has partnered with Rocket-Hire, a consulting firm with over two decades of experience in pre-employment test validation and compliance.

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Customer Success Stories

BANNER HEALTH: Online Training for Medical Excellence

Banner Health trains nurses and medical staff on how to interpret EKG results, and uses online assessments authored with the eSkill Author to test their understanding consistently across different modalities.

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"We use eSkill to validate the nurses’ ongoing ability to interpret various types of rhythm strips correctly. We have been able to change the way we teach our rhythm identification classes, because we now have data related to the common mistakes made by our staff in rhythm identification or patient management."

Peggy Martin, MSN, RN, BC, Clinical Development Professional

Banner Health

OSF: Rapid Growth Demands Aggressive Recruiting Strategy

OSF Global Services uses eSkill assessments to measure the specific technical skills needed for its varied IT professional positions. This has allowed them to reduce the costs of the selection process by 64% and the time spent by 68%.

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"Our strategic partnership with eSkill has most helped us in terms of recruitment for jobs which demand very specific and measurable skills, such as that of an IT programmer. The specifically targeted online assessments helped us set up entire teams of professional programmers who have taken our business to the next level and have contributed to establishing long-lasting business relationships with our clients.We found that administering eSkill tests offered all the information we needed when hiring, and was a great economic solution."

Andreea Hrab, HR Director

OSF Global Services