Online Pre-employment Testing leads to more accurate hiring and can reduce legal risks

How does Online Pre-employment Testing Save Time and Money?

The biggest source of financial waste in many organizations is staff turnover. When hiring, you want to make the right decision the first time.

But how can you know that the candidates applying have the skills you need in the position?

Pre-employment skills testing is an increasingly adopted tool among hiring managers, with stellar results in increasing accuracy, reducing costs, and speeding time to hire.

With unemployment at current levels, there are so many applications per job that it is becoming more and more difficult to pick truly experienced individuals from the volumes of inflated resumes. Testing your prospective employees can give those qualified individuals an opportunity to skip the line and be considered first.

The hidden costs of screening

Pre-employment testing research shows you can save significant time and resources when you use an employment testing service. eSkill’s pre-employment assessments help save your staff valuable time—and, as you well know, their time is money.

Here’s a breakdown of the savings from using eSkill for filling just one position, if average staff time is worth $40/hr to your company.

Time & Cost of Screening without eSkill Time & Cost of Screening with eSkill Testing
Hours Total Hours Total
Read 100 Resumes 5 $200 Narrow Candidate Pool to 20 Resumes 1 $40
Phone 30 candidates 10 $400 Phone 10 candidates 3 $120
Interview 5 candidates (x2 managers) 10 $400 Interview 2 candidates (x2 managers) 4 $160
TOTAL 25 $1,000 TOTAL 8 $320

Valid pre-employment testing is fairer for candidates and lowers your legal risks

In addition to saving money and increased hiring accuracy, there are even more reasons to adopt an online assessment strategy. eSkill testing:

  • Gives a fair shot to all candidates to prove themselves beyond their resume with a standard test.

  • Lets potential candidates take the test whenever and wherever it’s convenient for them.

  • Provides quantitative data to make your interview and hiring decisions more legally defensible.

eSkill’s clients have tested millions of candidates since 2000, and our test content has been validated both in studies and in years of refinement through use by corporations worldwide. When you invest in an eSkill testing program, we become your partners in making sure your hires perform as you expect on day one.

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