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Use Sales Skills Assessments to Hire Top Sales Reps

The Statistics Speak for Themselves

According to HubSpot a new account executive needs 4.7 months to ramp up and spends 2.6 years on the job.

The Bureau of Labor and Statistics projects a 3% annual increase in demand for sales reps between 2016 and 2026 – an increase of approximately 458,700 new sales jobs.

Top Skills and Abilities to Look for in Sales Reps

Learn how eSkill’s online sales skills tests can help you find top-performing sales professionals who will help you increase revenue and help you increase your customer base.

Relationship Building

Builds rapport with prospects and gets them to open up and talk about their needs.

Overcoming Objections

Listens to and answers prospects’ concerns, and confirms that a provided explanation answered their question.

Closing Sales

Can sense when a prospect is ready to buy and knows how to ask for the sale.

Sales Tests You Should Use

Standard Job-Based Tests: Use our tests for Retail Sales Assistant, Electronics Sales Associate, Sales Trainer, Sales Administrator, plus many more.

Standard Subject-Based Tests: Test candidates for Sales Concepts, Sales Clerk Skills and Salesforce Spring ’18 – Administration Skills.

Customize From Over 600 Modular Subjects: Create a multi-subject test in seconds by choosing questions from Business Communication, Sales Management, Sales Concepts and more.

Upload Your Own Content: Create sales skills tests using your own content and questions with the eSkill Author and customize tests of any length with questions that cover a variety of subjects.

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Why Choose eSkill Sales Assessments?

  • Have confidence in your hiring decisions and team-building success with eSkill.
  • eSkill makes assessing sales professionals’ job skills, job fit, and interview presentation very easy and adaptable to your screening process.
  • eSkill will help your organization hire better-qualified salespeople and support staff, more quickly, and with defensible compliance.
  • Select from over 800 standard tests, or easily customize tests from thousands of topics relevant to your position requirements.
  • Coca-Cola, FedEx, LG and hundreds of other companies use Skill’s sales skills tests. Learn why.

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