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Skills Assessments for Public Sector Hiring

The Statistics Speak for Themselves

In a 2019 Deloitte survey, 56% of public-sector employees worldwide said their agencies need to “knock down silos” and streamline their hiring processes.

According to the Society for HR Management, it takes an average of six months for public sector agencies to respond to someone about a position they applied for.

A study conducted by the Center for State and Local Government, showed that 82% of state and local governments said recruitment and retention has become a “big problem” during the past couple of years.

Top Skills & Abilities to Look For in Public Sector Employees

Mechanical Aptitude

Skilled employees who can apply technical concepts along with industry knowledge and principles to solve problems.

Customer Service Skills

The ability to communicate effectively over the phone and via email and chat, good listening skills, and a positive attitude are important criteria to evaluate for employees who deal directly with the public, contractors and stakeholders at other agencies.

Written & Verbal Communication Skills

The ability to speak confidently, stay positive, and use persuasive language are just a few things you need to evaluate while hiring people who will deal directly with the public.

Public Sector Tests You Should Use

Standard Job-Based Tests: Choose from hundreds of standard tests for popular jobs such as Administrative Assistant, Data Analyst, Electrical/Mechanical Engineer, Network Engineer, and 911 Dispatcher.

Standard Subject-Based Tests: Choose from over 600 single-subject tests that assess depth of proficiency in subjects such as Microsoft Office Skills, Civil Engineering Knowledge, Accounting Proficiency, and Clerical Skills.

Customize Over 800 Modular Subjects: Generate a multi-subject skills assessment in seconds by handpicking questions from your favorite topic areas in eSkill’s Test Library.

Upload Your Own Content: Create customized employment tests using your own job-specific content and questions that cover a variety of subjects.

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Why Choose eSkill's Public Sector Tests?

  • eSkill’s employment tests make it easy to assess candidates’ skills, job fit, and interview presentation efficiently and accurately.
  • eSkill will help your organization hire better-qualified team members faster with defensible compliance.
  • Select from more than 800 standard tests, or easily customize the assessment experience with thousands of topics relevant to specific jobs and requirements.
  • Include Video Interview questions in your skills assessments to create a seamless, complete candidate evaluation experience.
  • Have confidence in your hiring decisions and create a culture of team-building success.
  • Contra Costa County, the State of Colorado, the City of St. Paul, Broward County, and hundreds of other public sector agencies use eSkill’s employment tests. Learn why .

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