Create Custom Tests with the eSkill Editor

The eSkill Editor is an eSkill application designed to enable our clients to create and edit their own test questions. With the help of this tool, you can author your own questions from scratch, convert paper versions of company or industry-specific skills tests into online eSkill assessments, or edit existing questions to adapt them to your most specific testing needs.

Simple, efficient, and user-friendly, the eSkill Editor requires no additional plug-ins or downloads, and is accessible through your secure eSkill account.

An innovation in the field of web-based testing, the eSkill Editor is one of the major elements that distinguish eSkill from its competitors, and is used extensively by many eSkill clients.

Custom Tests for the Perfect Fit

Your business is unique. Cookie-cutter online tests might be efficient, but are they an accurate way to ensure that a candidate has the specific skills you require?

Turn your paper testing into electronic testing today. You can easily upload your proprietary content at any time, using the eSkill Editor.

Identify the best talent for your company. Use your own questions and subjects, together with eSkill’s test library, to create the most customized skills assessments possible.

eSkill Editor Features

  • Available to eSkill Premium and Enterprise clients as part of eSkill’s comprehensive customized online assessment services.

  • An easy-to-use interface that requires no installation and provides intuitive subject customization and text formatting features.

  • Easily edit your questions and choose from 6 different question types, select a difficulty level from Beginner to Advanced, and apply formatting.

  • Interactive content such as graphics and audio can be added quickly and easily.

  • Guaranteed privacy, since eSkill ensures that your proprietary content is available within your password-protected account only.

  • Customer application training is provided upon request.

  • Collaboration on content development allows for personnel across multiple offices to work together to create and develop company-specific content, or to edit test subjects.

  • Question preview lets you review and check for missing information, with descriptions provided for any problems.

  • Question revisions can be made at any time, with changes implemented automatically at no additional cost.

Call us, and start testing now!

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For more advanced needs, eSkill offers the following features:

  • Already use an ATS/HRIS system? You can integrate eSkill with your existing systems to get 100% interoperability.

  • Want to customize the look of your eSkill pages? eSkill offers co-branding or private labeling, so the testing becomes part of your corporate site.

  • Want to gather more information about your test takers? eSkill lets you choose which fields candidates must fill out when registering for your tests.