Why our clients choose us:

eSkill simply has built the industry’s best solution for
skills and behavioral testing. Our advantages:

  • CustomizableCustomizable tests for increased
    efficiency, relevance, and validity
  • ReliabilityHigher reliability for test takers,
    no needed plugins or downloads
  • live support24/7 live support for
    clients and test-takers
  • Test advisorEvery client gets a
    dedicated test advisor
  • SimulationsMultiple solutions to simulations are
    scored correctly for more accurate scores
  • complianceeSkill has a perfect 15-year track
    record of legal compliance

What our clients who switched to eSkill
have said in 2018

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  • We’ve been using eSkill for a few months now and it’s been a great transition. The customer service is better than any other company we had spoken with. Tests are amazingly customizable and so quick to put together. Our candidates have been much more responsive because eSkill doesn’t require any crazy software or downloads to take the tests. Tests also accept more then one “correct” answer so it really captures a candidates knowledge on a subject more then you’d expect. In a world that seems to be moving to tablets and phones, it’s great that eSkill even incorporates tests that can be taken from a mobile device! We’re very glad that we switched our Candidate Testing to eSkill & continue to receive great support.  Blockquote

Carlie Swallow

Marketing Coordinator & Human Resources Assistant, Monarch Staffing

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  • Our staffing agency switched from Proveit to eSkill several months ago and we haven’t looked back since. The software platform has been seamless. We have had no technical issues, the software library and customized tests are beyond everything we need, the reporting is extremely comprehensive and most importantly, none of our test takers have complained! The eSkill tests are very user-friendly which has increased compliance drastically. Our account representative has been extremely responsive to any questions we have had along the way. This change was a no brainer for us. Highly recommended!  Blockquote

Kelli McCallion

Business Development Manager, McCallion Staffing

Benefits of eSkill Pre-employment Tests

68%time performance
64%savings in
selection costs

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  • The customer service was a very large part of why we switched to eSkill. From the time we first talked with Kevin Renner, we felt like we mattered. We are a small company (but do a lot of business!) and we very much appreciate that specialized customer service. All of the people we have dealt with at eSkill make us feel like we are familiar to them. They recognize who we are and treat as a valued customer. With ProveIt, you get the large call center type service when you call. You’re a number, not a customer.  Blockquote

Janet Bryan

District Manager, Universal Staffing, Inc.

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