Because the labor market is tight and unemployment is at its lowest in twenty years, it is essential for staffing agencies to attract as many of the right candidate placements as possible. Over-screening irrelevant or generalized skills can be a deterrent to candidates, causing agencies to lose out on qualified applicants. Therefore, assessments used to screen candidates must be industry-specific and more importantly, job-specific.

eSkill’s job-specific skills assessments reduce the time it takes to fill positions and keep hiring costs low by effectively identifying whether or not the potential employee possesses the necessary skills required to perform the job in question. eSkill’s assessments are editable, allowing your staffing agency to make changes to questions or add additional questions to meet the exact requirements of the position being filled. Additionally, these job-specific assessments can be combined with any of eSkill’s subject-based tests or modular tests to create an assessment that measures all of the job requirements.

These are some of the top pre-employment assessments and skills tests used by leading staffing agencies:

  1. Basic Office Skills Tests

eSkill has hundreds of basic office skills tests modeled for jobs such as Administrative Assistant, Customer Service Representative, Office Manager, and Office Clerk. While eSkill has a standard job-based skills test for each of these positions, it is also possible to combine these skills tests with subject-based tests, such as Word®, Excel®, and typing to create an assessment that measures all of the required skills needed for a particular position. The simulation portion of tests are a realistic measure of candidates’ proficiency in any number of software programs.

  1. Accounting and Financial Skills Tests

Easily customizable, eSkill’s accounting and financial job-based skills assessments are essential for identifying the best possible candidate for a number of positions, including Bookkeeper, Loan Officer, Accounting Clerk, Teller, and Banking Supervisor. These job-based assessments test the skills needed to succeed in each of these roles through a combination of multiple select questions, simple select questions, and through computer simulation tests. For example, the Bookkeeper skills test asks multiple and simple select questions about accounting and bookkeeping principles and uses a computer simulation to measure QuickBooks proficiency. These assessments can be customized and combined with any modular skills test, such as 10-Key Typing Data Entry, Digital Literacy, and Excel®.

  1. Healthcare Skills Tests

Whether you are searching for a Medical Biller, Certified Nursing Assistant, Personal Care Aide, , or any other healthcare position, eSkill has a job-specific healthcare employment skills test to provide quantifiable data that can be used to choose the best candidate possible. It is possible to combine these skills assessments with any modular subject to fit the exact requirements of the open position.

  1. Industrial and Engineering Skills Tests

eSkill has a wide variety of job-specific industrial and engineering skills tests from Forklift Operator to Mechanical Engineer, HVAC Technician, Assembly Technician, Electrical Engineer, Warehouse Operator, Service Technician, Welder and more. These employment skills tests use multiple choice and simple select questions, as well as computer simulations to evaluate candidates’ job-knowledge. These tests are editable and combinable with any single-subject assessment, so you can modify them to match the processes and procedures of your client’s business. Modular skills assessments that are typically combined with these assessments include Mechanical Aptitude, Carpentry Skills, and Basic Industrial Math.

  1. Sales and Marketing Skills Tests

When vetting candidates for sales and marketing positions, such as Online Marketing Specialist, Marketing Coordinator, Telemarketer, Account Executive, Customer Support Agent, and E-Commerce Consultant, it is essential to measure the candidates’ job-specific knowledge and aptitude. eSkill’s marketing and sales job-specific skills assessments do just that. For instance, the Account Executive skills test measures candidates’ ability to meet client demands and interact with them professionally, project and time management skills, Office® proficiency, and knowledge of marketing concepts. This skills assessment takes into account both the hard and soft skills needed to excel in this role.

eSkill offers many more sales and marketing job-specific skills tests than those named above. Additionally, any of these tests can be edited or combined with modular subjects to meet the needs of your staffing agency’s clients. Modular assessments that are frequently combined with these assessments including Salesforce CRM Proficiency, Social Media Marketing, Retail Marketing Skills, and Digital Literacy.

eSkill pre-employment assessments and skills tests are trusted by some of the largest staffing agencies and recruiting sites in the US such as Adecco, Express Employment and Indeed.

The assessments discussed above are just a small sampling of the skills tests eSkill has to offer. In fact, eSkill has the most extensive test catalog in the industry, allowing your staffing agency to make informed hiring decisions quickly and effectively. Gain the trust of your clients by providing them with quantifiable data to back your staffing firm’s hiring decisions.

It is important to note that administering assessments that are both reliable and valid is vital in order to meet the strict standards of the Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures of 1978, which outlines standards the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) holds staffing agencies accountable for when administering employment tests. With a nearly 20-year EEOC compliance record without any litigation, eSkill provides a defensible, trusted pre-employment testing platform.

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Adina Miron

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