Creating the most valid tests for any organization’s job openings may require more than just selecting a stock general test. One of the largest industrial distributors in North America, an eSkill client, customized a unique test that delivered the complete evaluation requested by all stakeholders.

The company hires in all areas of their business — including Sales, Customer Service, warehouse associates, administrative staff in Finance, IT, HR, and Operations. An eSkill client since 2017, they’ve used our pre-employment assessment tests to hire for positions like Accountants and Financial Analysts. Here is how they approached the Financial Analyst position:

First, they conducted a job analysis to determine the hard and soft skills required for the role.  To assist, we asked their hiring managers about a Financial Analyst’s daily tasks and important skills.  The result was a documented job description.

The client invited all stakeholders to discuss the questions, to be included in the test.  The team determined that a newly hired analyst would need to start the job with a core set of skills, including MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, Data Analysis, Numerical Reasoning, and Internet Research

We agreed that the test questions should be customized. Using simulations provided within the eSkill platform, we selected 12 questions that reflected the actual tasks of an analyst and allowed candidates to demonstrate their abilities.

The company uploaded their 12 custom questions from the eSkill platform and, candidates were given 90 minutes to complete the test.

Here is an example of a question they used for a numerical reasoning scenario:

The key to a relevant, valid, and predictive test is using questions that cover the appropriate subjects, and are directly linked to the job’s tasks. eSkill offers over 5,000 combinable test topics, plus the ability to create custom questions, to match any complex job requirement.  Such tests are the most predictive, time-efficient, and legally defensible. 

TRY a sample of what is possible for your candidates: 

Why do our clients choose eSkill over other vendors?

  • Our easily customizable tests have maximum efficiency, relevance, and validity.
  • Our skills test library is the most complete in the industry
  • Each client gets a dedicated US-based Client Success Manager for quick setup, training, and help with designing and implementing assessments.
  • We provide 24/7 live support for clients and test-takers.
  • Test-takers can reliably take tests on any computer or browser with no need for plug-ins or downloads.
  • Our simulations have multiple correct solutions, giving a more accurate picture of candidates’ on-the-job performance.
  • Our clients have unlimited use of eSkill tests and our competency library (over 600 combinable subjects, 5,000 selectable subtopics, over 1,200 standard tests.
  • eSkill lets clients add video interviewing into a full skills assessment
  • eSkill has a perfect 15-year track record of legal compliance.
Adina Miron

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